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Week 6 AP NFL Power Rankings: The AFC isn’t as good as we once thought

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

I actually spent the weekend at Euro Disney. My football-widow-for-a-fiance finally thought she was getting a break from the NFL with us taking a family trip to the magical kingdom. Surely no Chiefs talk, right?

Well, that lasted approximately 10 seconds into the trip, as a nice French man at security was quick to notice my Chiefs Kingdom hoodie. He asked me if I supported the Chiefs and then went on to tell me that he how much he liked Patrick Mahomes.

The sarcastic smile from her said it all.

Sorry, soon-to-be Mrs. Childs. I don’t think you’ll ever escape the Chiefs.

This week's voters were Jared Sapp, Ron Kopp Jr, Stephen Serda, Rocky Magana, Bryan Stewart, Connor Helm, Price Carter, Nate Christensen, Maurice Elston and myself.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (1st)

They lead the league in big plays as well as record.

2. Buffalo Bills (2nd)

Despite the number of points they scored against the Steelers, the Bills made a lot of errors on offense. I can’t work out if that is a good or a bad thing.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (3rd)

The Arrowhead crowd needs to be just as special on Sunday against the Bills.

4. Baltimore Ravens (5th)

Justin Tucker describing himself as a system kicker is almost too modest.

5. Dallas Cowboys (10th)

The Cowboys’ defense is phenomenal.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7th)

They have such an easy path to a home playoff game.

7. San Francisco 49ers (12th)

By the way, what has happened to George Kittle?

8. Green Bay Packers (4th)

The one thing the Packers did do well on Sunday: take over London.

9. Minnesota Vikings (11th)

Cam’ Danztler with his own Marcus Peters impression at the end to seal the victory.

10. Miami Dolphins (6th)

With no timeline for Tua’s return, the Dolphins could continue to slip down the rankings.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (8th)

Remember when Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase were fun?

12. Los Angeles Chargers (13th)

Brandon Staley tried his hardest to lose this week.

13. New York Giants (19th) This week’s highest riser

Brian Daboll already feels like a lock for coach of the year.

14. Tennessee Titans (16th)

They are good at what they do.

15. Los Angeles Rams (9th)

They look terrible.

16. New England Patriots (20th)

The Patriots’ throwback uniform is the best in the league.

17. Las Vegas Raiders (21st)

All I am going to say is that ‘Tae Adams never behaved like that when he in was in Green Bay.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars (14th)

Just as we all started to take them a little more seriously than normal, they go and lay an egg at home to the Texans.

19. Arizona Cardinals (15th)

Matt Amendola’s career may be over soon.

20. Cleveland Browns (18th)

The Browns give a special-teams performance that the Chargers would be proud of.

21. New Orleans Saints (24th)

Taysom Hill has to start for the Saints, right?

22. Seattle Seahawks (25th)

Have the Seahawks upgraded at quarterback?

23. Atlanta Falcons (23rd)

They must be sick of the sight of Tom Brady.

24. New York Jets (28th)

When was the last time the Jets had a winning record in October?

25. Denver Broncos (17th) This week’s big fallers

The Broncos are starting to feel like a comedy sketch.

26. Pittsburgh Steelers (26th)

They were beaten by the Bills inside the first 70 seconds.

27. Detroit Lions (22nd)

Early-season feel-good vibes are disappearing quickly.

28. Indianapolis Colts (27th)

They are being carried by their defense right now.

29. Chicago Bears (30th)

Darnell Mooney had the catch of the year.

30. Washington Commanders (29th)

Good on Alex Smith for calling Ron Rivera out.

31. Houston Texans (32nd)

Dameon Pierce looks like a star in the making.

32. Carolina Panthers (31st)

Over the next few years, Matt Rhule is going to earn $40M from the Panthers. Jose Mourinho would be proud.

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