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Let’s Argue: The AFC still goes through Arrowhead

Mark Gunnels takes on all your hot takes, wacky predictions and unpopular opinions.

New York Giants v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Welcome to this week’s edition of Let’s Argue!

Let’s Argue is a weekly series that looks at hot takes, unpopular opinions, wacky predictions and more from Kansas City Chiefs fans.

While Shaquil Barrett isn’t right, Mahomes will still be sacked at least four times

Let the games begin!

When Tampa Bay Buccaneers pass rusher Shaq Barrett was asked how different the current Kansas City offensive line is from the one he faced in Super Bowl LV, his response was rather interesting.

“I really don’t think it’s too much of a difference,” said Barrett. “I think we have a lot of favorable matchups. I think we really have an opportunity to really dominate the game... I just think, yeah, we’ve got an opportunity to really impose our will as pass-rushers, edge rushers in this game. We can really have like a coming-out party. I know we had six sacks the other game, but we can really have a coming-out party as edge defenders in the position group for this game.”

Obviously, this isn’t true at all. Four of the five starting offensive linemen in that championship game are no longer in the league. If there’s a weak spot on the line, however, it is at tackle.

Hopefully, the offensive line takes this bulletin board material to heart.

Play-calling needs to be less cute — and Patrick Mahomes needs to check down more

Here’s the thing about Andy Reid being cute:

Fans and media alike only criticize it when it doesn’t work. When it works, all I see on my timeline is how much of a mastermind Reid is.

Having said that, it’s true that there’s a time and place for everything. It’s obviously a fine balancing act — but I think that overall, Reid has a good feel for it.

As for the second part? I totally agree.

But once again, when Mahomes throws a 50-yard shot downfield, we love it. You never want to fully shut down his aggressiveness — but while the offense is going through this transition, he does need to focus more on taking what the defense gives him.

But who am I to tell the best quarterback in the world what to do?

Give Isiah Pacheco more snaps and put Skyy Moore in the slot

I couldn’t agree more!

I think it’s pretty evident that the offense looks different when Pacheco runs. The rookie is a very violent runner who possesses a special burst. As the season goes on, I do think we’ll see more of him.

Moore, however, is a big mystery right now. Personally, I don’t understand why he’s not getting more offensive snaps. Before the season, I didn’t expect him to have a major role at this point — but I also didn’t expect to see a game where he only had two snaps. (He had eight snaps in Week 3 against the Indianapolis Colts).

Despite the small sample size, it’s clear that Moore has special traits. His releases, route running and hands all pop out on the screen.

What else do you need from a wide receiver?

Maybe it’s a playbook thing — but whatever it is, I can’t wait until Moore is unlocked.

The AFC still goes through Arrowhead

As far as I’m concerned, this still holds true — until it doesn’t.

Every AFC team now has at least one loss. The Chiefs obviously have a tougher schedule than teams like the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens, so we’ll see how the records stack up at the end.

It's Game Time.

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