Some factoids about Patrick Mahomes TD passes

I saw a network game that talked about a QB receiver combination and how many TDs they had together. So I started tracking that for Mahomes. I find this interesting, you may too.

Mahomes has 149 TD passes in 62 games started.
20 different players have caught those 149 passes.
The positional breakdown of those 20 players is WR-8, RB-7, TE-4 and OL-1
He has another 17 TD passes in the playoffs
He has 8 rushing TDs and 3 more in the playoffs.
Only one player (Blake Bell) has caught a Playoff TD pass but not a Regular Season TD Pass
With one game to go, his 35 TDs this year is more than he threw in 2019 (26) but fewer than in 2018 (50) and 2020 (38)
10 players have caught TD passes this year, that is less than 2018 (12) but more than 2020 (8) and 2019 (9)
Four Players have caught a pass this year from Mahomes but not yet caught a TD Jerick McKinnon, Derrick Gore, Blake Bell, Michael Burton and Marcus Kemp.
Three players have caught a TD from Mahomes in each all four of his starting years (Hill, Kelce, and Robinson)
Three players have caught a TD from Mahomes in three of his four of his starting years (Hardman, Watkins and Darrell Williams)
Two players have caught at least 10% of those TD passes, they are Hill (27%) and Kelce (22%). Robinson is close at 9.4%

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