Sorry, Burrow can't hear you!!!


What, hike... what did he say?

What did you say? No no, no prob, problem. Joe Burrow thinks playing in Kansas City won't have a crowd factor. At least that is what he supposedly said around week 7.

Here is the link:

It is just like the SEC...

According to

"Burrow’s response is now going viral since former Chiefs kicker Lawrence Tynes brought attention to it on Twitter."

Burrow started his career 0-6-1 in road games and now is 6-1. He had a great year at LSU after Ohio State didn't want him. He has had some success where he goes. But is he ready to be crowned the best football player in the world?

Burrow's Accomplishments:

*Joe led the Bengals past Daniel Tiger prestige and they won their division. (Browns had injuries)

*He played some great games. He threw for 4611 yards this year.


Let's get back to reality.

*Burrow beat the Chiefs because of horrible officiating.

*Next he beat the Titans with his 9 sacks because... well, Tannehill had like 3 interceptions and Titans fell apart.


Will Chiefs stadium be a quiet walk in the park this Sunday?

Let's take a look at records in NCAA college games and compare that to the big boys>

We first will look at what is the record for a college game and how loud did LSU get when Burrow was there?


According to Football stadiums can average between 80 and 90 decibels. That's considered in the "loud" or "extremely loud" range where hearing protection is recommended. Levels in some of the loudest football stadiums can reach into 100 decibels. That can be very dangerous for your hearing.


And there you have it:

How loud was LSU? Well it wasn't 130 like it was in 2007. It may have gotten loud but let's look at a stadium made for noise.


130 vs 142. Chiefs also had #3 record at 137.5 right below Seahawks 137.6

Sorry Burrow, I like your confidence but Kansas City will be a different place than you have ever experienced.

I hope Chiefs blow them away!!! And I hope the noise is a factor...SO GET LOUD!!!

Will noise be a factor this Sunday for Joe Burrow? Comment below.

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