QB Merry-Go-Round 2022

Rodgers wants out of GB - they have Love and need cap relief. Rodgers would like to go to Denver. Green Bay goes with Jordan Love, cap relief, and a bunch of Denver picks. The Broncos roll with Aaron Rodgers in 2022.

Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle. They need cap relief. Lots of teams want him, but the Colts and Raiders are the only real players. Russell will prefer LV glitz, and the Raiders suddenly get better. Frank Reich persuades Derek Carr that the Colts are the place to be, and knows that he would be an upgrade over Carson Wentz. Carr to the Colts.

The Steelers want a mobile QB - DeShaun Watson is anxious to play again. Watson to the Steelers.

Seattle, stinging from losing Wilson but with a bunch of picks from the Raiders, trade a bit with the Eagles and land Washington State hero Gardner Minshew to be a mini-Wilson and at least a caretaker for a while.

Carolina needs an upgrade over Darnold, but wasn't a good enough destination to attract any of the big three. So they grab caretaker Jimmy Garoppolo to compete with Darnold, and they hope for a better QB market in 2023.

This leaves cap-crunched New Orleans with two options - Winston again, or Carson Wentz. Winston is the devil you know, so they stand pat, but try to get a better backup option. With little else available, that ends up being Wentz.

The Falcons need to move on from Matt Ryan and save the cap space. Ryan doesn't want to go to a bad team, so he agrees to some sort of bonus/retirement/restructure, and the Falcons get Fitzmagic to play on his 10th team, because Ryan Fitzpatrick is on a mission to play for every team in the NFL.

The Titans and Vikings seem to be cap-stuck with Tannehill and Cousins, but either or both teams might take a flyer on a draft pick in a bad class for QB's.

WFT, NYG, and HOU all have young guys who seem like they might NOT be the answers - but they'll all get another prove-it year. The Lions know that Goff isn't the long-term answer, but they don't have better options.

Rodgers in Denver, Wilson in LV, Herbert with LAC, and Mahomes in KC. How cool would that be?

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