Bills Chiefs Subtle Differences

So, are you a nervous fan? Me too, though I think the Chiefs will win. But I was thinking about the mindset of the teams, and wanted to run this past you.

The Bills KNEW they were better than the Patriots, and were no doubt still annoyed by the loss to them at home in the crazy elements. So they destroyed them, and now, happily, the Patriots know they are far, far away from challenging the Bills.

The Chiefs are different, and the Bills know that. The Bills know they CAN beat the Chiefs, because now they have that week 5 win under their belts. But they don't know that they are better, with anything like the certainty that they have about the Pats.

The Chiefs believe they are better than the Bills. It's probably not as emphatic as the Bills feelings about the Patriots - more of a quiet certainty I think - but I think the belief is there.

That is a very subtle differences in mindset, and I'm not sure it creates an advantage one way or the other. But I wanted to write it down.

Which QB is more nervous right now? It has to be Josh Allen, right? He knows he's a good player, has confidence, all that stuff. But he also knows that Jones, Ingram, and Ward weren't there in week 5, so he's nervous about his protection. The whole focus of his team since the AFC championship last year has been to beat the Chiefs to get to the Super Bowl. This is it. This is his one chance to do that, or it was all for naught.

And when Allen has had struggles, the team has struggled. They aren't the 1 seed primarily because he played poorly in Jacksonville and Indy. But if they can just win in KC, they'll become the top seed, and nobody will remember his struggles!

I think Pat's mentality is more personal than that. He's going to be focused on how he plays, and keeping his team's mind right. He's not one bit worried about what everyone is going to think if somehow the Bills win - because he and his team have experienced huge letdowns before. He knows the cure for those it to win the next one, because he's done it and KNOWS that they can do it again.

Mahomes is a man with a single problem to solve, and he's ready to get to work. Josh Allen is a man with a Chiefs problem and much more. To me, there's clearly much more pressure on Josh Allen.

"Again, they’re the gold standard of what you’d want to be as an AFC team, being in the AFC championship the past three years and competing for Super Bowls is what they’ve been doing. That’s what every team wants to be and until someone knocks them off in the playoffs, that won’t change." - Josh Allen, 10/6/2021

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