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This is the game that will truly separate Patrick Mahomes from everyone else

On the latest edition of Show and BK, the guys discussed why this is a legacy game for Patrick Mahomes.

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

On the latest episode of Arrowhead Pride’s Show and BK, Ron “the Show” Hughley, Brandon Kiley and Stephen Serda discussed what this game means for the already storied legacy of Patrick Mahomes.

(Listen to the podcast above or by clicking here. It is also available on Spotify.)

The Kansas City Chiefs fell 38-20 against the Buffalo Bills in Week 5 of the NFL season. It was a dominating win by Buffalo at Arrowhead Stadium–but Hall of Fame legacies are defined by what you do in the playoffs. The Bills present the toughest playoff test of Patrick Mahomes’ career and this is the type of game where legends are made.

The Patrick Mahomes legacy game

Brandon: “If we’re going to be talking dynasty stuff–and that was the conversation early on...the only way you are a dynasty is if you win this game. Otherwise, that conversation goes completely out the door. If you don’t go to the Super Bowl this year and you’ve only got 1 in a 3-year stretch that’s not a dynasty. It’s a great run, but it’s not a dynasty. This is as excited as I’ve been about a Chiefs game in a really long time...Josh Allen had his moment last week. The Bills have not punted in 3 of their last 4 games. That’s more than the rest of the league combined and Josh Allen is playing the best football he’s ever played. I didn’t know he was capable of this...He is up to the task of beating the Chiefs this week. It’s up to Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and Steve Spagnuolo to find a way to prevent that from happening. The winner of this game is going to the Super Bowl.”

Ron: “ This is the AFC Championship game. When we say legacy in this game I’ve got my eyes square on number 15. Josh Allen came into your building and embarrassed you on national television...Sometimes the Chiefs instill fear in their opponent–that is not the case here. The Bills are not coming in nervous and the Chiefs need Patrick Mahomes to take this from them. There is nobody who’s throwing and running as a dual-threat the way this dude is right now...the thing that’s scary about him right now is he’s not just doing the off-platform stuff well–he’s doing the on-time stuff well. When he’s doing that stuff well, combined with all of the other crazy stuff he can do outside of the pocket that’s what makes him scary. Patrick Mahomes is supposed to be the best in the world. He’s the next Brady, and he’s been able to do this to everyone not named Tom Brady. He has to do it to Josh Allen because that dude is year when you’re talking about the best team in the AFC Buffalo wants to be the team everyone talks about...If Patrick Mahomes wants to be in the Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, LeBron, Kobe, or Jeter type of mindset you don’t let him walk into your doors and take that from you.”

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