We really don’t know what to expect in this divisional game against the Buffalo Bills. If you’re of the mindset that the bills will win because they already beat the Kansas City Chiefs back in week five you’re wrong. If you need think the Chiefs will win simply because it’s Mahomes you’re also wrong. I’ve been watching comments like these for a while now and about greatness here, and my guy this, and my guy that. Blah blah blah. So let’s stick to what we know shall we?

Bills have a chip on their shoulder from being beaten in last years AFC Championship Game by the Chiefs. -Check

Chiefs have a chip on their shoulder about the dismal loss in the Super Bowl last year and want to get back. -Check

Bills beat the Chiefs week 5 so have a feeling of accomplishment - Check

Chiefs lost in week 5 so have a score to settle - Check.

Chiefs were still figuring out the defense in week five and playing without starters Chris Jones, Willy Gay, Daniel Sorensen, and Melvin Ingrim (not yet on the team) - Check

Patrick Mahomes played uncharacteristically giving up two interceptions, and the offense fumbled the ball twice - Check

Josh Allen has not been consistent from week to week and Mahomes has regular stretches of good and bad - check

Josh Allen has lost to four? bad teams late in the season and Mahomes has lost to playoff teams (exceptions there) -check

So what do we know??

Both teams are healthy. Both offenses are lethal. Both defenses are capable of making stops and turnovers. Victory goes to the player who makes the second to last mistake. We cannot say definitively who will win. So calm your tits!!

I hope it’s a stellar game and worth the hype. I also hope my Chiefs pull out the win.

Prediction: Chiefs 36, Bills 34

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