Jerick McKinnon Is The Ideal Chiefs RB And Why We Should Move On From CEH.

Jerick McKinnon showed flashes in Minnesota and San Francisco but he's truly blossoming here; and let's face it, he's performing at levels CONSISTENTLY we thought Clyde-Edwards Helaire would. In fact the modern prototypical West-Coast Air Coryell Marshall Faulk/Alvin Kamara-esque hybrid back what we thought CEH could be and he isn't. RBs have the shortest draft to high performance windows meaning... unlike QBs or other positions, a great runningback usually is great from Day 1 (esp one taken in the first round) such as Adrian Peterson or Saquon Barkley. In fact they need to be great from day 1 due to the shelf-life of their careers and the sheer attrition of the position. The Chiefs are far removed from an offense of needing a "bruiser" à la' the Nigerian Nightmare as an everydown back. The Chiefs system required a feature hybrid back that would become the safety valve/bubble screen option with excellent route running and someone who has speed and the ability on handoffs to gain yards off the edge.

CEH isn't bad, he's is good very infrequently but he isn't great at all and for a RB in 2022 to be a 1st Rd pick... you need to be great. It often seems that the offense tends to sputter with getting CEH reps into the offense, the Ferrari Red engine that is the Chiefs Offense tends to lose a few cylinders working Clyde into the offense, whereas McKinnon blends in with our scheme and system ... effortlessly. With the Chiefs using Derrick Gore as a between the tackles rusher, he seems to do that better than Clyde as well. All that being said, sometimes a person's speed and draft profile is deceptive and sometimes it is what it is, CEH was seen as overdrafted with a 4.6... 40 yard dash for a reason and McKinnon's 4.4 speed with our system definitely definitely shows.

It's time to admit we overshot badly on the CEH pick and make the best of it. Clyde I'm sure is a great kid but with McKinnon looking like everything we wanted Clyde Edwards-Helaire (and Le'veon Bell) to be, I'm not so sure Clyde is the right fit anymore as the Chiefs feature back and with his injury prone body already in year 2 if he should be considered as staying in the lineup with the rapidly declining value of RBs in both market value, age and injury history. Given the Chiefs future needs for WR and EDGE depth, it seems that CEH for the Chiefs bottomline should be dealt in a package whether in the draft or player(s) swap. It's time to admit the CEH experiment wasn't a disaster but for a 1st Rd RB it has been atrocious compared to what he should be and what he'll expected to be paid as a 1st Rd Pick.

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