I've never felt these feelings before, rooting for the Raiders.

Found myself rooting for the Raiders yesterday just in hopes they'd take the Bengals out of the picture. It was easy though to root for Buffalo against Belichick. But didn't need to see that the Bills are that good. Absolute dominance. We need to see the same from the Chiefs this evening.

I don't think the Chiefs could beat the Bengals or the Bills as well as they both played yesterday. Burrow and Chase are better than Mahomes and Hill. Hill is fast but not as versatile for playing against taller players and then there is the ball dropping thing that has been Hill's problem for some time.

If not for the strip and TD we barely got out of Denver. I didn't see Chiefs like incompetence yesterday with the Bills or Bengals. And then there is the Titans. It's just not our year and as some have ventured the Chief's last chance with the current key players on the roster. It's not 2019 anymore.

Was happy to see the new video on Priest Holmes.

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