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Eric Bieniemy is once again drawing head-coaching interest

On the latest edition of the AP Editors Show, Pete and John discuss Bieniemy’s latest ride on the coaching carousel.

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On the latest episode of Arrowhead Pride’s Editors Show podcast, we discussed Kansas City Chiefs injury updates, head coach Andy Reid’s Monday media session — and the team’s offensive coordinator once again drawing head-coaching interest from NFL teams.

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For four straight seasons, Eric Bieniemy has drawn interest in the head coaching market — but has yet to land one of the coveted positions. There NFL currently has six head coach openings, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, Las Vegas Raiders and Chicago Bears.

Eric Bieniemy to the Broncos?

Pete: “The first team that seems to be interested in Bieniemy is the Denver Broncos... I think even if it’s Denver, you have to be rooting for him to get some kind of opportunity here. I know it’s not the best team in the world. In an ideal world, he’d go to an NFC team where you could root for him and not have to worry about how it would impact the Chiefs.”

John: “Yeah, I’m not sure it’s the right spot for him. I think he’d have conflicted loyalties about that, but if they give him what he wants — whether it’s money, the kind of control he wants or situations he thinks will be conducive to being successful — then I think he’ll take it. I’ve thought that the Jacksonville situation would be a good one for Bieniemy... It’s all what’s in his head about it.”

Pete: “As we’re speaking right now, some odds have come out. The odds on the Minnesota Vikings have Eric Bieniemy as the betting favorite. Now he’s been the betting favorite before and that’s not really panned out. That’s an organization that’s familiar with him — knows him well. I think they would have a buy-in there and want an offensive head coach after Mike Zimmer ended up being there for so long — and they have Dalvin Cook. There aren’t many true bell cows in the NFL. Dalvin Cook is one of the lone bell cows, and it could be a run-first offense... and it’s in the NFC — which, probably, in Bieniemy’s mind would be an ideal situation, so he doesn’t have to impact Andy Reid and the Chiefs.”

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