Chief's Kool-Aid

I've been a Chief's fan my entire life. Went to many games back at the Municipal stadium as a child and gnawing on ribs we got from Bryant's and could take right in back in the day. Lived through the worst years of the Chiefs with season tickets in the 70s and 80s, when we all believed the Chiefs would intentionally lose to avoid having the stadium collapse. Not sure where this rumor came from but seemed believable enough considering the Hyatt.

Then there was the 90s some hope and then the realization that it was probably more profitable to have a team that was in contention but not willing to spend the money it took to be a Superbowl winner. This is both a comment on the team itself as well as ownership and the front/back office.

In the 80s I went out a lot to clubs and would often see Chiefs players, important ones, starters, out chasing tail when they should have been home resting, studying playbooks, concentrating on football. The night before big games they are out running themselves down to and setting themselves up to play badly or less than their potential the next day. These failures breed more failures. I am not in KC now but my sense is there is a lot of big money and big balling going on off the field and this is affecting their play on the field.

Romo (who I usually like) kept harping on to the last minute what a threat Mahomes and the Chiefs are. Romo got accolades for being prescient in calling plays those first few years but he's not seeing the future when holding up the Chiefs and Mahomes to their 2019 performance because #1 they aren't. #2 - the rest of the NFL is wise to how to beat the Chiefs. And especially looks like the AFC West really does.

If I was the guy that wrote this - I'd be looking to make some edits. 15-2 season not likely.

No more Kool-Aid for me until the Chiefs start producing.

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