My biggest takeaways after cooling down a bit.

1 - Tyrann Mathieu is the most important player on this team not named Mahomes.

Pay this man NOW!!

2 - We can't stop the run. But honestly, when was the last time we had a solid run defense?

Pretty sure we haven't been in the top half of the league in rush D since the mid 2000's. Is this one of the worst I've seen in my lifetime? Probably not, but it's pretty bad.

Luckily we're only 2 games in, so hopefully with Mathieu being back, and some more time to gel, they will get better.

3 - The Ravens are better than I thought they were.

As banged up as they were, I really thought we were going to beat them by a TD or 2.

4 - Just an observation, and curious if anyone else feels this way :

This offense looks like they're going through the motions, and I thought the same thing early last season. It's like they know they're good enough to turn it on at any time, so they screw around until they HAVE to make a play.

It's only week 2,it's only 1 loss, and there will likely be more to come.

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