Chiefs Weaknesses Continue to be Exposed

The problem for the Chiefs is that with every close game, every loss and every beat down, there is the video tape that shows other teams how to compete, control and beat the Chiefs. Last night was another example. The weakness of the Chief's defense against the run was glaring. Not once did it look like Baltimore couldn't do exactly what they wanted and matriculate down the field with their running game. Money in the bank.

At the same time, the Chiefs never showed effective running with pathetic numbers put up for the entire game. This in turn allowed them to focus the pass and keep Hill to 14 yards. Where is the balance?

I didn't get excited or upset that the Chief's were losing or lost this game. It never once looked like they were in control until that last drive when the announcers stated that KC is in the drivers seat and in control of this game. Of course the very next play, the ball was punched out along with KC's chances.

Raven's only needed a 1st down to seal the win and it WAS NOT a gutsy call to run on 4th down to get that new set of downs. It was a SURE THING. The weakness of the Chief's defense against the run was glaring.

The only high points I could see were that a lot of the new talent on the Chief's was stepping up and surprising everyone. Will the Chiefs be motivated by this loss? Perhaps but at the core I don't see them being the Superbowl team they were in 2019 or even 2020.

2019 was a shock and awe year but the rest of the NFL has had 2 years now to OODA the Chiefs. Playing 2019 football in 2021 ain't going to cut it. We're not innovating fast enough and there is parity of talent against our biggest rivals. I'm keeping low expectations for 2021 and perhaps for the Mahome's era.

Prove me wrong Chiefs.

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