The Chiefs Have No Rivals Except Injuries And Boredom.

If we're being honest, the best team did not win the Superbowl last year, the case can be made, injuries (while apart of the game) had a more devastating effect upon the Chiefs than the Bucs obviously. No one can honestly say had Patrick Mahomes have had his entire starting line in addition to a healthy Sammy Watkins, that the Superbowl wouldn't have probably been a route in the Chiefs favour. Needless to say, the Chiefs have been done in with 'getting up' for opponents like the Raiders in Arrowhead last year (their only real regular season loss, given the starters sat in week 17) or being done in by injuries and off field incidents before the Superbowl.

Boredom: The Chiefs aren't really looking to knock off a team on top especially in the AFC, we are that team. Our confidence sometimes borders on arrogance knowing we can win games in a single quarter if not blow teams out in a combination of offensive blitzkriegs in two quarters or more. Therefore, it seems the thing that sparks the Chiefs to sometimes play up to their standard against inferior opponents is being down a few scores, enter the Texans and Titans in the 2019 playoffs and the current Browns last year and opening night. This can be a dangerous game, but at least last year the Chiefs learnt not to do this in the playoffs especially when they played the Bills.

: Obviously, the name I dare not mention and key other players are integral to our continued success but the vital auxiliary players and their loss in protecting the golden one on the offensive line virtually guaranteed a revolving door to Mahomes in SB LV especially against a defensive line spearheaded by Suh, Vea, JPP and Barrett with the added humiliation losing to Brady given disproportionate credit to what was a Bucs' defensive Superbowl victory in actuality with the Superbowl MVP if they were honest probably having been split between Suh and Barrett. Needless to say, this points to a critical factor, injuries are the "chief" concern amidst a lack of serious rivals in both the quality of overall teams and QBs leaving durability as the Chiefs most serious and singular concern. The Chiefs are in such a unique position of conference and league supremacy in both coaching, quarterbacking and personnel that injury prevention and management should be the top priority this year, it's not even if the Chiefs get the shot at another Superbowl but when we do, albeit healthy (obviously) that getting to and through the playoffs as healthy as possible is really the primary concern this season. There isn't a single team in the NFL the Chiefs have to play up to, the very fact that the Browns played their A game and the Chiefs beat them with their B- or even C+ effort shows what we're capable of and how fast we can strike at any given moment at full strength or even near full strength.

Other Concerns: Rotational Support for Kelce and Hill and dare I say if need be to preserve our Praetorian Elite Guard for the playoffs, a semi NBA-esque load management style mandated non-active time, perhaps against the worst teams on the schedule. Mecole Hardman, DeMarcus Robinson, Byron Pringle and some combination of Blake Bell, Jody Fortson and Noah Grey are going to have to immediately step as legitimate, dependable and viable second options. The workload for Kelce and Hill against the Browns pretty much by themselves is of course beautiful but given 3 straight seasons of deep playoff runs and two Superbowl appearances, we need those guys to really halve their numbers out of necessity for their longevity. In my opinion this is a make or break year for Hardman, he has to start producing and easing Hill's workload.

The Sobering Reality of CEH - He's good but not great, he's neither a pure prototypical Saquon Barkley between the tackles type (not what we wanted anyway) or Kamara/McCaffrey as elite new era prototype hybrid receiving backs. He's somewhere between and below both types of elite prototype HBs, he's a rotational guy that can gain decent yardage, but for a first round pick, he needed to be a threat, and given our talent, no defenses are worrying about or preparing in-depth for CEH. He's serviceable, but the idea of CEH in the draft was that he'd be a hybrid Kamara/McCaffrey-esque back easing the burdens of our supreme triumvirate of PMII, Kelce and Hill by keeping defenses honest on underneath routes and in the flat with the ability to break off long runs in light boxes.

He's just not that guy in the elite sense worth a 1st Rd Pick, I hope I'm wrong but usually RB is a position that is immediate from day 1 that just shows out, there's no need for a real learning curve, the reality of runningbacks from rookie seasons on, is what you see day 1 is what you get. Hopefully the lack of preseason last year means he still has a lot more potential that has yet to be unlocked at the pro-level. Right now some combination of Jerrick McKinnon and CEH seems more appropriate. While this is no serious knock or serious determinant of the Chiefs long range success. However, to take a runningback in the 1st Rd in the 2020s in the passing era with the one team that exemplify's the passing era par excellence (the Chiefs) one expected CEH to have been a generational prototypical hybrid Kamara or McCaffrey-esque talent a lot of us thought he'd be and needless to say, given his draft position and the team he plays for, he's been a disappointment. Let this be a lesson to all those who think elite runningbacks are replaceable.... We Still Haven't Replaced Kareem Hunt in 4 Seasons.

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