Against Cardinals, Yasir Durant showcased his versatility

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Coming out of the Kansas City Chiefs' second preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, the first-team offensive line was once again the bug story.

They played the entire first half -- a total of 41 snaps. The rookies (they really need their own nickname) once again shined, showing that they deserve some of the preseason hype they are receiving. After halftime, the reserve offensive linemen got a chance to show why they should make this team -- including second-year player Yasir Durant.

Durant was in for all three of the Chiefs' second-half drives, showcasing his versatility as he was moved all around the line. In his press conference earlier in the week, offensive line coach Andy Heck said that versatility is something that the team really needs from their backups this season.

Coming into the third quarter, Durant started at left guard. On a few of the running plays, he showed a willingness to climb to the second level, opening a few lanes for running back Darwin Thompson. During a passing rep, he fired a little late coming off the ball, allowing the defender to push him back to the quarterback. But he recovered well, anchoring so that the pass could get to the flat on time. In a later running play, had a nice pull on a trap concept, allowing Thompson to get a 13-yard carry. The next play was a screen pass. Durant was in a nice position, but was still unable to get a hand on a surging defender who blew up the play. Overall, he was solid on the first drive, showing zero panic -- and a willingness to engage.

The second drive was short, so Durant had few reps at right tackle -- but he still showed the same willingness to engage and mirror defenders. On one snap, the defender got the edge -- but Durant was able to push him up the arc, allowing quarterback Shane Buechele to step up and scramble. He didn’t get a chance to really show his kick slide; he used more of a shuffle to get into position.

In the Chiefs' last drive, Durant was back at left guard -- and it didn’t start well. He missed a block, allowing running back Derrick Gore to be tackled for a loss. He was a little over his feet, so the defender was able to pull him to the ground before making a play on Gore. After that, he returned to his steady play. He walled off defenders on running plays and had a nice shuffle along the interior to create a pocket for quarterback Anthony Gordon. He was an important piece to the offense that drained the last nine minutes from the clock, closing out the game and securing a Chiefs win.

Overall, Durant played 38 snaps that displayed his growth and versatility. Coming in as an undrafted free agent out of Missouri last season, he made the 53-man roster but had little playing time -- not even in the Super Bowl, when star quarterback Patrick Mahomes was scrambling behind an offensive line that could not protect him.

For Durant to again make the team, he is going to have to show the Chiefs that he can be a reliable Swiss Army knife. Friday night was a step in that direction.

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