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Kansas City Chiefs fans: Introduce yourselves!

Welcome to Arrowhead Pride! Let’s hear from you!

NFL: SEP 29 Patriots at Chiefs Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

Up the road in St. Joseph, Missouri — where the Kansas City Chiefs are conducting training camp at Missouri Western State University — our favorite NFL team is taking a day off from practice.

But we know that across Kansas City, the Midwest, the United States — and even the rest of the world — excitement about the coming Chiefs season couldn’t be higher.

Earlier this week, Arrowhead Pride celebrated its 15th anniversary covering the Chiefs in both good years and bad. Originally a labor of love by Chris and Joel Thorman, it’s now one of the most-trafficked Chiefs sites. More than 174,000 follow us on Twitter and 176,000 keep up with us on Facebook.

But that’s just social media. Many tens of thousands of users visit the site every day. We know, however, that we only hear from a small percentage of the fans who come to AP for the latest Chiefs information.

So today’s the day! Let’s hear from you!

Please... take this opportunity to introduce yourself in the comments. Share your name (even just your first name, if you’d prefer) and how you began following the Chiefs. If you want, share why you picked your username. Who are you? What’s your story? What’s your best Chiefs story? Who’s your all-time favorite player? Why?

Whether you’ve been an AP user for a dozen years — or a dozen minutes — tell us something about yourself.

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