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Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill remain confident the Chiefs can go 20-0

After making an undefeated season the goal back in May, Mahomes and his teammates aren’t wavering at all.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Who doesn’t want to win all the time?

Whether you’re an athlete, journalist, chef — whatever — the goal is to win the day. That mindset clearly isn’t lost on Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Back in May, Mahomes made it very clear what the 2021 goal is.

“The only record I have my eyes set on breaking, which would be new this year, would be going 20-0,” Mahomes said. “It’s not really a record to be broken I guess you would say — 19-0 is the record right now — so being able to go 20-0 and being the first one to do that, that would be awesome.”

Every single year, we hear players from all over the league talking about winning the Super Bowl. But you rarely — if ever — hear players openly discuss going undefeated. But can you blame Mahomes and his teammates?

Speaking to reporters after Friday’s training camp practice at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Mahomes said that talking about going undefeated is a way to help players focus on winning every week.

“Every single year I come into it I’m trying to win every single game,” he said. “I’m trying to go 20-0, 19-0, whatever it is. It’s been really hard to do — that’s why it’s only been done really one time — but at the same time, you’re trying to go in with that mentality that you’re going to win every single day. So when you get to those game days, you have the best chance to win every single game.”

NFL: Super Bowl LV-Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl LV was the first game in Mahomes’ NFL career in which he lost a game by more than one possession. Following a complete overhaul on the offensive line, the Chiefs are favored to win every game this season. So with the 20-0 talk already out there, Mahomes hasn’t felt the need to make it a talking point in the locker room.

“I haven’t said it out loud here,” he noted. “I think guys hear it and they understand it — but at the same time, you got to keep it in perspective. We understand it’s a long process going throughout this entire season — so we’re just going to try to do whatever we can to win every single day. If that’s practice, film room — whatever that is — to put us in the best opportunities to win as many games as possible.”

One mark of a great leader is when teammates willingly follow and believe in what they say. So while having a season goal of 20-0 may seem crazy to the outside world, don’t tell that to any of Mahomes’ fellow Chiefs.

Wide receiver Tyreek Hill said he is all in.

“I just feel like if our quarterback say it, we all got to believe in it,” Hill stressed. “That’s just like me going out and knowing that I got a corner route, if my quarterback tell me I got something different, I got to believe in it and just do it. So, that’s our mentality, man. Pat is our leader — so, if he believes that we can go 20-0, we can. And definitely, all of us believe that. We all don’t want to lose. Losing sucks”

Losing definitely does suck — especially when it’s to the tune of 31-9 on the biggest stage in sports. There’s no question that the Super Bowl loss has motivated the Chiefs beyond measure.

But does that mean the Chiefs will go 20-0?

No... it doesn’t. But I wouldn’t bet against them.