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LOOK: Tyreek Hill creates a new alter ego on social media

Super Bowl LV Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s not even Halloween, but Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill has created a new alter ego for himself. It’s not as a television cameraperson or an expert gymnast who can perform backflips. Instead, it’s as “Grandpa Cheetah.” The 27-year-old NFL star made it public with an Instagram post on Sunday.

Wearing a sparse gray beard, a red ball cap, a buttoned-up plaid Oxford shirt and a gray sweater, Hill took a pretty convincing photograph of himself playing his new role.

“Grandpa Cheetah is coming to a city near you,” he wrote in the Instagram post. “Who we racing next?”

“You should put that on at a game,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Would be dope,” said another. “Like Clinton Portis. Should come in every game day with a cane and his grandpa outfit limping — ready to burn fools.”

It’s unclear whether the photo might convince other NFL players that Hill would be an easy mark in a footrace... but you never know.

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