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Meet Arrowhead Pride’s audio producer, Stephen Serda

I started my professional career at 610 Sports Radio in November of 2014 — just as the Kansas City Royals were entering a World Series against the San Francisco Giants. I’ll always remember the last game of that series, as I was at a concert in Kansas City, and they stopped the show so everyone could watch the final inning of the game. Sadly, the Royals fell short that year only to pull it off the following season during my first year as an intern and part-time employee at 610. Covering a World Series team right out of the gate — and the long hours that came with it — prepared me for what was to come.

That was covering a highly competitive Kansas City Chiefs team that would eventually draft Patrick Mahomes and win a Super Bowl. I’ll always cherish the Alex Smith years because the Chiefs were finally interesting enough to consistently be near the top of the AFC. They were always competitive during my time at 610, and that’s all anyone can ask for in sports.

I was in the Arrowhead Stadium tunnel when the New England Patriots scored the game-winning touchdown in the 2018 AFC championship game. My 610 assignment for the day was covering the Patriots locker room. It was not a good day for Chiefs fans, but it was a time that reminded me about the why of the sports media grind.

I started down this path because of my love for football — and managing to cover my hometown team at a time when they drafted the best player in the league has been something that I have been so fortunate to experience... and I am thrilled to continue that experience here with you at Arrowhead Pride.

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