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Post-draft Arrowhead Pride NFL Power Rankings: The offseason panic in Kansas City is over

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom

AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

And we’re back!

Before we tuck into the first edition of the 2021 season AP power rankings, I feel like we need to do a little housekeeping from last season. In the last edition of the 2020 series, we — incorrectly — decided that the Buccaneers were the worst of the final four teams, doubting Tom Brady. Not our finest moment, but we promise to do better this year.

Anyway, on to 2021.

With free agency and the draft now behind us, it’s time for us to once again rank the league from top to bottom. We aren’t using our final rankings of 2020 as a reference. This is how we feel about all of the teams, right now.

(Author’s Note: I’ll be honest — the disparity between our rankings was quite comical. For example, one of us had the Steelers ranked as high as No. 13 - while someone else had them all the way down in 27th. No names mentioned of course.)

This week’s voters were Matt Stagner, Pete Sweeney, Ron Kopp and myself.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They don’t want to call it a #RunItBack tour, but that is exactly what they’re trying to do.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

From panic to overwhelming confidence once again. It’s fun supporting this team.

3. Buffalo Bills

Have you seen how many defensive linemen they now have? Don’t quote me on this but... I think... they may have watched the Super Bowl.

4. Green Bay Packers

The latest episode of “Aaron Rodgers vs. the Packers” is the sauciest yet. This will remain the NFL story of the offseason.

5. Baltimore Ravens

Does it really matter how wide receivers they sign when Lamar Jackson is the quarterback?

6. Cleveland Browns

A lot of folks are really high on this team. Are we forgetting that they failed to beat Chad Henne in January?

7. Los Angeles Rams

Only the Rams would have their war room in a house on Malibu. Acquiring Matt Stafford was the move of the offseason.

8. Seattle Seahawks

If only the Seahawks front office could take a leaf out of the Chiefs’ book.

9. San Francisco 49ers

A loaded roster getting healthy again. It doesn’t matter which quarterback starts Week 1 — this team will be contenders.

10. New Orleans Saints

The post-Drew Brees era has begun. You just know that Sean Payton is going to have the time of his life with his three quarterbacks.

11. Indianapolis Colts

Chris Ballard said it’s all about taking the right quarterback — and then he traded for Carson Wentz.

12. Los Angeles Chargers

Not even us at Arrowhead Pride are immune to offseason Chargers hype.

13. Miami Dolphins

Tua certainly won’t have any excuses this season, as the wide receiver room is stacked.

14. Dallas Cowboys

Dak being back and the Cowboys being relevant is good for football.

15. Tennessee Titans

I can’t help but think that their window is closing really fast.

16. New England Patriots

I’m all here for the Bill Belichick revenge tour. You just know he would have hated reading about Brady this offseason.

17. Chicago Bears

I won’t argue with any team going after their guy, regardless of cost.

18. Arizona Cardinals

After this upcoming season, they can drop half of their roster off at the retirement home.

19. Atlanta Falcons

The addition of Kyle Pitts gives Matt Ryan one last genuine shot at the Super Bowl.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers

While they still have Ben Roethlisberger under center, it is hard to see them as contenders. I am looking forward to JuJu actually signing for the Chiefs in 2022.

21. Minnesota Vikings

I kid you not — I had to Google what the Vikings have done this offseason.

22. Carolina Panthers

I quietly love the move for Sam Darnold. I hope he kills it in Carolina.

23. New York Giants

Over to you, Daniel Jones.

24. Denver Broncos

They simply cannot be allowed to trade for Aaron Rodgers. My heart isn’t ready for that kind of drama.

25. Washington Football Team

Quarterback is a problem, despite what they say.

26. Cincinnati Bengals

Are they going to regret not getting the top tackle in the draft? Joe Burrow’s knee scar says, ‘Yes’.

27. Las Vegas Raiders

My money is on Mariota winning the starting job within six weeks of the season starting.

28. Philadelphia Eagles

A completely fresh start in Philly, but Jalen Hurts still needs to do a lot of convincing.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars

At least they didn’t mess up the easiest decision in sports history.

30. New York Jets

Just being free of Adam Gase is worth at least four wins.

31. Detroit Lions

They did the admirable thing of letting Stafford chase a ring. I can’t say I agree with the decision, though.

32. Houston Texans

The less said, the better.


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