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Arrowhead Pride is saying goodbye to the ‘Nerd Squad’

NFL: NOV 08 Panthers at Chiefs Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Following the conclusion of this year’s NFL Draft on Sunday, our fantastic film team of Kent Swanson, Craig Stout and Matt Lane will be leaving Arrowhead Pride.

Working alongside Kent, Craig and Matt over the past few years has been an absolute pleasure. There are no shortcuts with this team — they put in the hours to watch the tape, then take what they have learned and inject passion into their posts, podcasts and yearly draft guide. The opportunity they have received is well-earned, and I am proud of what they have built here to make it happen. We still here at Arrowhead Pride congratulate them on their past few years of work and wish them much luck in their next endeavor.

Below, you will find some notes from the guys.

- Pete Sweeney

Ask anyone who has been lucky enough to have a byline at AP and they’ll tell you the same — it’s a tremendous honor to be given a voice on this platform. Arrowhead Pride is a special place. It always has been, always will be. All I ever wanted was an opportunity to be part of the conversation about my favorite football team. Joel Thorman pulled me out of the FanPosts and gave me that chance three years ago. I’ll never take that or this place for granted — it’s always been bigger than any of the immensely talented people that have been part of building it to what it has become. That is a credit to all the loyal readers and listeners who have helped make this community THE place to talk Chiefs.

This last three years have been a literal dream. I can’t believe I was blessed to not only venture out into writing and podcasting, but that I made so many great friends from it. The hardest part about moving on is not working with Pete anymore. We’ve been through a lot together these last three years — and I’m so grateful he brought me along for the ride. He gave me a chance to be part of pre- and post-game shows on 610, let us run with our vision for podcasts, supported the vision of the KC Draft Guide, and gave me every chance to grow in media.

I can’t wait to see what he and the immensely talented and committed group of people remaining here — John Dixon, Matt Stagner, Ron Kopp, Tom Childs — are able to do next. They all deserve everything that comes their way.

I can’t tell you how humbling it has been to be part of this community. I know what it means to be an AP writer. It will never be lost on me how lucky I was to get this chance. To anyone who has ever read, listened, watched, purchased the guide, interacted on social media: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Kent Swanson

For the last decade-plus, I’ve been proud to get to talk about the Chiefs on this website to this group of people. In my humble opinion, Kansas City easily has the most dedicated group of fans on any SB Nation site, and it has persisted through multiple coaches, GMs, losing seasons, and finally: the Super Bowl era for this team. I couldn’t have imagined the opportunities that I’d get or the people that I’d get to work with when I first started discussing Clancy Pendergast’s 4-3/3-4 hybrid back in 2010.

It has been a pleasure to work with the writers on this staff throughout that time. I feel like the quality that this site has put out since its inception continues to improve on its already-high standards, and will continue to do so with the next group of writers, and the group after that.

That doesn’t happen without a group of people that genuinely cares about the team, the fans, and the site — which I believe Arrowhead Pride possesses. Joel and Chris Thorman were kind enough to bring me in a long time ago and give me a platform as their site blew up into a massive success, and Pete Sweeney has strapped yet another rocket to this ship as it continues to ascend. This site is in great hands and will continue to grow in ways that we can’t predict, as it has throughout its tenure.

And to the fans that have read my work over the years, I thank you. Whether you’re one of the few that started with me in the early years, or someone that’s come along in the Patrick Mahomes era, I appreciate any amount of time that you’ve taken out of your day to read anything that I’ve written or listen to anything I’ve said. I’ve met some lifelong friends on this site — both fellow writers and in the comments — and countless others that I’ve had the pleasure to get to know.

So thank you, I wish all of you well, and I’m sincerely honored to have gotten this platform throughout the years.

Until we see each other again,

Craig Stout

In 2010 I moved from Kansas City, MO, to Charlotte, NC, knowing only a single person — and their family — in the state. While still trying to muck through a transition of finishing [some] college and work my way into the real world, I often found myself with ample free time and a feeling of missing my home state. One of the ways I was able to stay connected to my Missouri roots was falling back on something that had consumed a large portion of my mind; football — and more specifically, the Kansas City Chiefs.

I once stumbled across this website called Arrowhead Pride. For a long time, I just lurked in the shadows reading bits and pieces but after a few years, I decided to emerge from the anonymous-reader-guy and partake in what appeared to be an incredibly fun and heartwarming community. So I created an account and began to converse with all the fine people of Arrowhead Pride. Those who have been a while may remember me as the username: KelcesKrazies; whether from arguing with you in the comments section, hanging out in the open threads, or making the occasionally useful Fan Post. After a few years of getting to mingle with all of you amazing people, Kent Swanson and Pete Sweeney provided me with the best opportunity I could have imagined, a chance to write part-time for AP!

Before I go any further, I want to thank everyone in the community for being who you are. This SB Nation community has always been a fantastic place and always will be. Without the community being as good as it has been. I would never have stayed around as long as I did. It was those relationships with you guys that made me want to stay around and then write for AP. A huge thanks to Pete, Kent, and Joel Thorman for letting me take this opportunity and to run with it.

Furthermore, thank you to everyone who has continued to read and support throughout all this time. Any amount of time anyone has spent reading, listening, or conversing with me during this whole process has meant so much to me — more than I can even put into words. You guys are the best, will continue to be the best, forever.

One final time, thank you all, sincerely,

Matt Lane

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