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What we learned about the Chiefs this week

Taking a look at the week of April 19 on Arrowhead Pride...

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Chiefs name current options at tackle, suggest they aren’t done adding yet

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid laid out the in-house options available for the offensive tackle positions, but was careful to remind his listeners that more moves could be forthcoming.

“You know how he rolls — he’s very aggressive and he’s staying on top of his game,” Reid said of [general manager Brett] Veach. “I wouldn’t tell you at any position that we’re done looking. We’re always going to keep our eyes open, try and make ourselves better, which we need to do.

“We’ve got to do that. When you’re sitting in our position, you’re not just striving to stay the same. You’re trying to get yourself better.”

While mum on new contract, Tyrann Mathieu says he wants to stay in Kansas City

The team’s star safety also took a turn with the press on Monday, making it clear that he wants to stay with the team.

“I would love to spend the rest of my time in Kansas City,” he declared. “Everybody’s embraced me here — it reminds me so much of a football town. For me, that’s everything. Waking up, seeing the family and then going to play football. It’s been a blessing to be here.”

Even though there’s been plenty of outside speculation about extending the three-time All-Pro’s contract, Mathieu claimed ignorance of any ongoing discussions with the team.

“I try my best to not get caught up into it,” he said. “I try to let my people that work for me really handle that — but obviously, you want to be locked in long term. For me, it’s all about each and every day, just trying to win my day. I don’t necessarily try to look four and five months down the road. I just try and put in enough work today that things like that are going to take care of themselves.”

Landon Dickerson could be the day-one Chiefs center, but there is one question

As the Arrowhead Pride Nerd Squad’s 29 Days of Draftmas continued on Tuesday, Kent Swanson profiled a draft prospect who would fit right in with the team.

Everything about Dickerson fits in Kansas City. He’s a strong player at the point of attack with enough movement skills to work in space and at the second level. He’d be a welcome addition as a pass protector for Patrick Mahomes. His personality should fit in well — he was beloved at Alabama. There’s only one big question about his projection to the next level: his health. Dickerson is the kind of player you talk about snapping the ball to Mahomes for the next decade, but he hasn’t shown an ability to stay healthy; he has experienced multiple season-ending injuries in his college career

Peter Schrager sends first-round cornerback to Chiefs in new mock draft

Tuesday also brought news of yet another mock draft in which the “Good Morning Football” host (and passionate Chiefs advocate) had projected a outside-the-box player to the Chiefs in the first round — in this case, Northwestern cornerback Greg Newsome II.

It’s interesting that Schrager chooses a corner — and perhaps even more intriguingly — says that Veach has “addressed all the key spots” during the offseason. Many would disagree with him, saying that the Chiefs still have a large hole at left tackle — if not both offensive tackle positions.

Just as we noted with his first mock, we have to consider the possibility that Schrager knows something we don’t — that Kansas City will be filling the left tackle position with a player already on the roster, a veteran who is about to be signed or a prospect that the Chiefs think will be available to them in the second round.

By the end of the week, the possibility that Schrager had possessed some inside information seemed even more plausible.

Chiefs’ jersey-number rule change passes NFL ownership vote

In previous years, the Chiefs made some rule-change proposals that didn’t get the league’s approval. But this year, they proposed one that had wide popular support. It was adopted on Wednesday,

Defensive backs will now be allowed to wear numbers from 1-49. Running backs, fullbacks, tight ends, H-backs and wide receivers will be allowed numbers from 1-49 and from 80-89. Both offensive and defensive linemen will be allowed 50-79 — while defensive linemen may also wear numbers from 90-99. Linebackers will be allowed 1-59 and 90-99.

This change is intended to help teams find unique numbers for every player on the roster — which is often a problem during the preseason — while still making it possible for officials to easily recognize eligible pass receivers. Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu has suggested that he might change his number from 32 to 21.

Bills general manager highlights how great an obstacle Patrick Mahomes is to success

Here’s how it works: if your franchise trades away the 10th overall pick of the draft — and that selection is then used to take a quarterback who becomes league MVP, makes three conference championships and wins a Super Bowl in their first three seasons as a starter — your team executives will be asked about that quarterback for years to come.

“Maybe if we could get a 12th defender on the field, that would help,” smiled Brandon Beane. “No, I mean he’s an MVP; he’s elite. Three years in a row — twice he’s been in the Super Bowl and once the AFC championship, so he’s up there for a reason and when you’re facing guys, there are very few guys that have already what he’s done — accomplished what he’s already done in three seasons playing.”

The Bills are due to play the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium during the 2021 regular season. The schedule is expected to be announced sometime after the NFL Draft.

“It’s going to be a tough match no matter when we play them, where we play them, how we play them,” admitted Beane.

Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah wants ‘do-over’ on 2017 Patrick Mahomes evaluation

There was more of that kind of looking back on Thursday — but this time, it was an analyst.

“What I remember more than anything else is, dang, I was way off and way too low on Patrick Mahomes,” recalled Jeremiah. “More than anything else, that was my biggest takeaway from that. I’d like to have a do-over on that one. Look, the goal every year, the teams I worked with was like three to four starters. Your goal was to get three to four starters out of every draft. So if you look back three years after the fact, those guys need to be starting football players.”

With defensive end Tanoh Kpassagnon signing with the New Orleans Saints this offseason, only one player — Mahomes — remains on the club in 2021.

“Some of those, like they gambled on some upside there with Kpassagnon,” added Jeremiah. “The Kareem Hunt situation, that was unique. He’s a really talented football player who’s playing really well for the Cleveland Browns. But Kpassagnon which is kind of an upside pick, and then after that now you’re talking about picks 139 and beyond where that’s a crapshoot.

“They went all in to go get Mahomes, and that draft will be viewed as probably the best draft in Chiefs’ history.”

Chiefs stayed disciplined in free agency, allowing them to trade for Orlando Brown

We had known that the Baltimore Ravens had their fourth-year tackle on the trading block — and while there had been speculation about which teams were interested, the Ravens were giving no clues. So it was a big surprise when the Chiefs traded for Brown on Friday — a move that filled their biggest roster hole and gave them flexibility in next week’s NFL Draft. Our Ron Kopp gave our immediate reaction to Brown’s acquisition.

He’ll assumedly be slotted in at left tackle based upon his expressed refusal to continue playing right tackle for Baltimore. That lines up with how the Chiefs have tried to address their line this offseason: Veach attempted to sign San Francisco 49ers left tackle Trent Williams but missed out.

Instead of trying to patch that hole with any other free agent left tackle, Veach held tight on wanting an upper-tier player at that position. It’s why they were able to be in a position to trade for Brown — a two-time Pro Bowler that turns 25 in a few weeks.

“Trent was a guy that we thought would have really helped us on that left side,” Veach said. “We weren’t able to get that done, but after Trent, it was our responsibility to be disciplined. We felt like we would rather go into this draft process; some of the alternatives out there just didn’t make sense for us... We didn’t want to sign someone just to sign someone, we have some players there on our roster currently with some ability. That in combination with the draft coming up, it was just important for us to stay disciplined so that if other things come available, we would be able to execute those.”

Veach mentioned defensive tackle Jarran Reed as a benefit to staying disciplined; they wouldn’t have been able to acquire him if they prematurely signed a free-agent tackle.

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