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Patrick Mahomes believes Super Bowl loss helped more than a victory

The star quarterback reveals his thoughts on motivation and mindset in an interview with CNBC.

Super Bowl LV Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

As the rest of the NFL world watched quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs fall in Super Bowl LV, there was likely some feelings of relief. Opposing players finally saw a weakness in a team that looked unbeatable for two seasons and witnessed the league’s best player look mortal for once in his young career.

Other AFC contenders may have felt better about their chances at taking down the three-time defending conference champions after the embarrassing loss. However, they may want to re-think their logic — because Mahomes told CNBC that the loss should motivate him more than a second-consecutive Super Bowl title would have.

“I think defeat helps you more than success,” he says. “I just do whatever I can to be better and learn from the mistakes.”

The words of advice are wise, and fit more than just a professional athlete’s on-field career. It’s well-known that Mahomes is involved in various extracurricular activities like business decisions, endorsements, and charity work through his foundation: 15 and the Mahomies.

He expanded those thoughts on mindset into his off-field endeavors.

“When you lose on a football field or if you invest in a company that doesn’t work out, or whatever it is, I think that helps you out more because it drives you to learn from your mistakes. It drives you to be better the next time.”

It’s a logical idea: the stinging pain from an excruciating defeat can be all the fuel one needs to be motivated in their aspirations. Whether it’s losing in a big game or missing out on a worthwhile business deal, the disappointing feeling is hard to get rid of. Instead of dwelling on it, Mahomes chooses to let it fuel him — and that could be trouble for the rest of the NFL.

We’ve seen Mahomes publicize what motivates him in big moments. Whether it’s counting on his fingers to 10 in reference to his draft position, or four: the slot he was given on the NFL Top 100 list after his Super Bowl MVP season. Mahomes clearly gets energy from people doubting him and his team, and that’ll be happening after the 31-9 blowout loss in Super Bowl LV.

The takes will come:

“Mahomes won’t be the same player without the two bookend tackles he’s had.”

“NFL defenses have figured out how to neutralize Mahomes.”

“Mahomes has played a few of his worst games in the Super Bowl and he doesn’t get enough criticism for it.”

As you wade through these preseason takes in the months leading up to the 2021 season, just remember that Mahomes is hearing it, too — and the motivation from it won’t be put to waste.

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