Brett Heggie: The Case for him to be a Chiefs Draft Day 3 selection

It was not an easy star at Florida for Brett Heggie.

Heggie came to the University of Florida as a three-star recruit from Mt. Dora, Fla. While he was not expected to light up the film as a freshman, his first two playing seasons riddled with injuries, including a knee injury that ended his 2017 season. In spite of these issues, Heggie contributed to one of the nation's top offensive lines both seasons.

2019 proved to be a banner year.

Earning a SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week nod against Tennessee, Heggie contributed to a top-20 passing team and top-20 in yards overall at the guard spot. He showed natural instincts and a mean streak on both the left and right sides. While screen blocking was lacking, Heggie showed his talent with explosive moves and quick agility while pulling. In this play, watch how #61 sets the running lane with his hips and getting to the second level.

In this next play, while the play is not a gain, Heggie quickly moves his hips away from the running direction and neutralizes his assignment. Again, watch #61 in the left guard.

In 2020, Heggie moved back to his high school role as center and expanded upon the talent he showed in 2019. He had no missnaps during the season and the offense lead the nation in passing yards per game. Heggie also received another SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week nod against Ole Miss. He seemed to get a quicker first step in the running game, while remaining solid in the pass game. Watch the below clip, courtesy of Draft Diamonds, of Heggie driving his assignment off the line and using his hips to stay in front.

Heggie also displayed field awareness and personal fundamental success against inside stunts, an area that hurt the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. See the below clip, where he shifts his assignment and takes one half of the stunt. Unfortunately, the right guard misses on OU defender.

Heggie in 2020 played with an apparent aggression, but was clean and powerful. His consistency in 2020 made him a popular IOL draft prospect, even in the shadow of other members on the Florida offensive line.

Heggie has not been featured in many mock drafts, and has a lower grade according to However, I feel that his tape and experience should make him a priority Day 3 selection or UDFA.

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