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LOOK: Eric Fisher says goodbye to the Chiefs via Instagram

FISHER: “Catch and Release” — Time to complete the second part of the play call. At the time, I thought the “catch” part of the play was going to be the hard part. Six months later that thought has changed. I have been released. Rewind eight years, and there are a whole lot of memories that I’ll be blessed to take with me from my time in Kansas City. I’ll never forget landing at MCI the day after the draft and smiling because it felt like home. I’ll never forget running out of the tunnel for the first time to the loudest fans in the world. I’ll never forget the struggles that I faced that eventually built me into the man, and player that I am today. I’ll never forget bringing a playoff win home for the first time in twenty two years. I’ll never forget going on winning streaks that would make history. I’ll never forget the three AFC championship games in a row in Arrowhead Stadium. I’ll never forget the clock hitting zero and that feeling of achieving the ultimate goal in football. I’ll never forget hearing Touchdown Kannnnnsas City with the ball in my hands. That list could go on and on because we really did something special in those eight years. I wouldn’t change a thing. Mentally, I’m leaving knowing I have grown to be who I need to be. Physically, I’m leaving with my head held high, beat up but not down for the count. Spiritually, I couldn’t praise God enough for blessing my life in ways that I couldn’t have wrapped my brain around in a million years. Unfortunately I knew this time would come at some point. Sooner than I would have chose, but another opportunity to beat the odds.

All good things must come to an end.

Thank you Kansas City.

It's Game Time.

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