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Patrick Mahomes is ‘throwing crazy dots’ at practice leading into Super Bowl LV

Tyreek Hill marveled at how much more accurate his quarterback has been lately.

NFL: NOV 29 Chiefs at Buccaneers Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s obvious that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has already reached the level of stardom in which he’s naturally underappreciated.

It explains why Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers seems to be considered a unanimous pick for MVP — and why Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen tied Mahomes for a second-team All-Pro spot.

If the rest of the NFL is bored of his incredible talent, his teammates may even take it for granted sometimes. Mahomes could be making plays at practice that are worthy of a highlight reel — but it might go overlooked now that it’s commonplace.

So when Chiefs’ wide receiver Tyreek Hill shares an observation that Mahomes appears even more locked in during practice, it’s worth paying attention to.

“What’s crazy is that Pat’s been on a roll,” Hill emphasized to reporters on Thursday. “I haven’t seen Pat throw dots like this at practice... like he’s been throwing crazy dots. Like he usually throws dots, but the dots he’s been throwing lately have been crazy. I’m pretty fired up. I’m excited about that.”

As mentioned before, if Mahomes was just as impressive as he had been all season in practice, Hill wouldn’t make this comment. The fact that Hill perked up and was genuinely excited about Mahomes’ practice throws tells you that that the uptick has been obvious.

It’s not just Mahomes who is laser-focused. Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones felt that sense of preparedness from everyone in practice this week.

“I think everyone is dialed in, I honestly do,” Jones said on Thursday. “From the scout team to the special teams guys, I think everyone is dialed in and focused on the task at hand. My coach actually praised the scout team today, and I got a little offended by that. I told him, Ppraise them after we win the Super Bowl. Don’t praise them right now. Don’t let them know they’re doing good. We don’t need pats on the back.’ But I think everyone is focused on the task at hand.”

Mahomes has already proven himself capable of elevating his game for the biggest moments. However, he wasn’t perfect in last year’s Super Bowl; two second-half interceptions nearly doomed the Chiefs.

If this year’s preparation has led to an even greater-focused, zoned-in Mahomes than we’ve ever seen, it could be the next progression in his superstardom. A dominant performance on the game’s biggest stage is not a common occurrence for any quarterback.

If Mahomes does have such a day, remember that Hill tried to give us a heads up.

It's Game Time.

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