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Former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s kids love Patrick Mahomes

Can you blame them?

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Last week, local CBS Denver sports reporter Ryan Mayer brought light to some quotes from former Indianapolis Colts and (more importantly) Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning won Super Bowls with both organizations and is widely considered one of the greatest to play the position in the game’s history.

On a recent episode of “Peyton’s Places” on ESPN+, Manning recounted his trip to Arrowhead Stadium for this year’s Divisional round between the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns.

“I actually took my kids to the Chiefs-Browns game a couple weeks ago, sat up there with Eric Stonestreet, that’s Cam from ‘Modern Family,’ who basically looks like Andy Reid, I have to admit. My kids are decked out in Chiefs jerseys,” admitted Manning, per Mayer. “They got (Patrick) Mahomes on, they got Tyreek Hill. (When) your kids are wearing Chiefs jerseys, you’ve just got to suck it up.”

K.C. Wolf — the Chiefs’ mascot — even requested for a photo with Manning, who happens to be a close friend of Miles. Manning denied Wolf but did allow his children to take a photo.

“The nerve of that mascot to ask me, but my kids wear Chiefs jerseys to a football game, and then we go skiing this past weekend, and my son’s in a Mahomes jersey to ski in and his buddy Zack is wearing a Mahomes Texas Tech jersey. I mean everywhere I go, it’s Mahomes, Mahomes, Mahomes.

“Tells you what kind of great player he is if he’s got some huge 9-year-old fans out here in Denver, Colorado.”

Even the royalty of Broncos Country could not resist Patrick Mahomes.

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