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Spirit animals, homecoming kings: Chiefs have fun with Super Bowl ‘media night’

Chiefs players answered a wide variety of questions as part of the most unique media day in NFL history.

NFL: JAN 19 AFC Championship - Titans at Chiefs Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

You never know what question will be asked at the NFL’s Super Bowl “media night.” And even though Monday’s events were remote instead of on location for the first time in the game’s history, there were still plenty of opportunities for Kansas City Chiefs players to answer goofy questions and have a little fun. when quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked what both his and tight end Travis Kelce’s spirit animals would be.

“I would like to be a wolf,” Mahomes answered. “As a wolf, I can run around with my pack, and be a leader and someone that continues to attack and continues to lead as much as possible.”

His explanation for Kelce’s was a bit different.

“I bet he’d be a giraffe,” Mahomes thought. “He’s just out there, grazing around the field, trying to make something happen, find different things he can run around and do things with, and he’s always a good time.”

Kelce wasn’t too pleased with being compared to a giraffe. After being suspended in disbelief, he eventually told reporters that Mahomes has “a little frog in him” as a shot back at his quarterback. Kelce also answered the question himself, saying he’d be a tiger based on his high school mascot.

Speaking of high school, Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark compared Mahomes to the “high school quarterback that all the girls love” in his media availability. Then he went a step further with “Homecoming King.”

When Kelce opened his media availability, he was asked what it would mean to get bragging rights over his brother, Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles, who matches Travis with the one Super Bowl title currently.

“You know those bragging rights at the dinner table are everything,” Kelce told reporters. “I didn’t have too many of those bragging rights growing up in the house, with him being two years older than me... I think this one might take the cake, this one might be the bragging rights of them all, to get another one.”

To cap off the fun, wide receiver Tyreek Hill was excited to give his keys to the game when prompted. His third key was to “let Pat control the ship, because obviously, he’s the captain of the magic school bus.”

One Twitter user was quick with the much-needed visual of that.

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