A Pessimist's Perspective

What's up Chiefs kingdom? I just want y'all to know that I am still MAD HUMILIATED over what happened in the Super Bowl and not feeling overly bright about the team's future. I just wanted to go over a couple of reasons why we may have already seen the peak of our favorite franchise and see if any of my fellow AP users can talk me off the ledge.

1. It's Really Really Hard to Win the Super Bowl

I remember shortly after last year's Super Bowl win - one of the best nights of my life - Collin Cowherd said in an interview that he saw Mahomes winning one more Super Bowl in his career, along with a Super Bowl loss (welp, guess we got that out of the way). At the time I thought he was crazy; we we're the NFL's next dynasty, right? Well, now it looks like he was on to something. When you look at the history of the league, there haven't been too many QBs, regardless of talent, who have won multiple Super Bowls. Manning won two over twenty years; Brees won one over about the same time period. Marino - the Mahomes of his era - never won one. Just because we have Patrick Mahomes doesn't mean we're guaranteed any more Super Bowl wins.

2. ...Especially After a Loss

The list of teams to win the Super Bowl the year after losing it is pretty short. What makes us think we're any different than any of them? I think Mahomes had us believing that we were somehow immune to the problems that face other teams. Well, guess again.

3. Tom Brady, Dynasty Killer

I hate Tom Brady as much as the next guy, but lets be honest; he's really, really good at killing teams. It's easy to forget now, but almost twenty years ago he extinguished the Greatest Show on Turf, the Chiefs of the Y2K age. In 2014 he snuffed out the Legion of Boom in it's prime. Russel Wilson has yet to play in another Super Bowl.

4. The Mental Scar Tissue

One of the many downsides to getting wrecked by Tom Brady is the mental damage. Part of what made us so terrifying was the inevitability of Mahomes; no matter how bad things got, Mahomes was always gonna get his. Well, this time he didn't. Through no real fault of his own, his team was absolutely humiliated on national television. I can't picture this team coming back next year with the same swagger or belief in itself. Personally, I feel like I went from Theon to Reek. I can't IMAGINE the mental toll this took on those who actually had to play the game.

5. There's No Easy Fix

I know, I know, "but the offensive line!!!" No doubt that was the defining factor in this game, but did the loss of one player, Eric Fisher, cause a team that dominated the Bills to turn into the Jaguars overnight? No, there are some real issues on this team. When playoff Sammy doesn't show up we can't seem to field a competent no. 2 wide receiver. The pass rush is overpaid and underproductive. And there isn't much we can do in free agency since we're up against the cap.

Well, there you have it! Sorry to bring you down, but i'm starting to get worried that last year was the last gasp of sunlight before the beginning of another cold winter in Chiefs Kingdom. Maybe I just got too used to being an 11-5 team every year, and the high of last year made me think that we were in store for something different. Let me know why i'm an idiot in the comments, and as always, GO CHIEFS!

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