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Eric Bieniemy highlights Chiefs’ support after Josh Gordon touchdown

It was a big moment for the offensive coordinator and team as a whole.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Josh Gordon scored against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, marking his first touchdown since Week 1 of 2019 when he was still a member of the New England Patriots. That was more than 800 days ago.

Sunday night after the game, Gordon explained how he is far from satisfied.

“I’m not happy with where I’m at,” he said. “I think currently that’s just me being a hard critic on myself — but I’m also aware of where I’m at and how blessed I am to be in this position. So, I take every day with pride and joy. No matter what happens and what I’m able to do, I think it’s a win for me personally. The rest of that is just me trying to be a competitor,”

Gordon went on to say that he could stand to play a bit looser — that he needed to be less “rigid” or “robotic” on his routes. But when offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy addressed the media on Monday, Gordon’s self-criticism came off as unfair.

“It’s kind of strange that he said that — because I thought the past two weeks, he’s moved better than we’ve ever seen him move,” said Bieniemy. “And you got to understand, the kid hasn’t played football in a while, so everybody wants him to be something. It’s a process. I think he’s taken the necessary steps to be exactly right where he needs to be at the right particular time.

“I’ll tell you what — it was great seeing him get in the end zone [Sunday]. That was a great feeling, and it was an emotional uplift — not just for him, but did you see how all the guys rallied around him? Because they’re happy for him, and that just goes to show you the type of team and the type of players that we have in this organization.”

You can see what Bieniemy’s talking about as you rewatch the play. Forget Gordon for a second; find No. 87, and watch him.

Tight end Travis Kelce, blocking to help open Gordon up on the play, could hardly be more fired up for him after the touchdown. That — to Bieniemy — is the good stuff.

“It was just a celebration with the guys, of seeing them go out there and be just as excited as he was,” added Bieniemy. “I’m just happy for him. Each and every week, the challenge is to make sure that we can get him involved. Obviously, with some of the things that have worked out, sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. But it’s not anything intentional or unintentional that we’re doing. We want him to go out there to have the success that he can have. But the thing is… all of our guys are involved.

“Do we want Josh to go out there and have a 100-yard receiving game? Of course, we do, and we’re hoping that happens sometime in the very near future.”

So far, in nine games with the Chiefs, Gordon’s game-high is 11 yards. Still, the touchdown seems like a very good step in the right direction.

At least... his offensive coordinator thinks so.

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