So What Happened to #15?

First things first. I think it is necessary to put forth a disclaimer to make it clear that I am not a coach nor am I an expert or even amateur film analyst. I am basing everything I know just off of what I have read and my own personal observations watching the games. I have noticed patterns and other things and so I am drawing on all my knowledge and in some instances just connecting the dots.

What we have witnessed this season is a pure mystery to myself and everyone else in the fanbase. We have watched our Boy Wonder sprout into super celebrity status and rocket to the top of the NFL and then from there we have watched in bewilderment as he fell off the cliff. This rapid fall from grace is baffling not only the fans but commentators and fans from other teams as well.

I know it is tempting to throw out the usual responses that "Mahomes has been figured out", "Mahomes doesn't care", "Mahomes sucks", and "Mahomes spent too much time cutting commercials". I have been guilty of throwing those responses out there as well but I do think the problem with Mahomes actually runs deeper.

Mahomes as we all know is one of the most immensely physically gifted athletes that has ever set foot on the gridiron. His physical gifts may only be rivaled by one Aaron Rodgers who is the only one I have seen even close.

The problem I have seen from Mahomes is that he doesn't put in the extra work in the offseason. By that statement I don't just mean he shoots too many commercials. I mean that I don't think he has worked on anything in ANY season. I don't think he worked on things because he has never had to. He has simply relied on his instincts and his immense physical gifts.

I'm not going to say he is lazy. I do think he worked on memorizing the playbook and even some time in the film room probably. Where I think he went wrong (and I also do think the coaches deserve some criticism because I do not think they pressed the issue with Mahomes, particularly Andy whom seems to have a close relationship with him), is that he never put the work in on the little things. I do not think that he worked on taking snaps from under Center, did not work on footwork, nor mechanics. He hasn't worked on a lot of the things that make great QBs great.

When I watch him in the pocket he looks uncomfortable. It looks unnatural to him. He has very bad pocket presence. When you look at a master like Brady for example, there is a smooth flow with how he moves. His movements are subtle. Pass rusher gets too close he doesn't panic and scramble. He will just take a small slide to the side. Mahomes should study that.

I also think he has bad field vision from under Center and doesn't feel comfortable which is why he rolls out so frequently. I think it helps him see the field better. I also think it is why he drops back so far. This is something he needs to work on because it is hurting the team. Other teams have figured it out now and not even Mahomes' otherwordly talents can overcome it nor cover the bad results.

Let's end this on a positive note. The good news....I do think Mahomes (and Reid) understands that possessing enormous elite physical talent just isn't enough in the NFL even though he got by for a few years. It caught up with him. I also believe they are both putting in the work to fix it. However, with the season already underway the time is limited so it will be baby steps for the rest of the season.

I am just hopeful that he really pours the work in over the offseason to fix things that should have been coached up and worked on since his rookie year. It will be a tough couple of years coming up but I am going to put faith and belief that a generational guy can learn these necessary skills that will serve him the rest of his career and will likely extend it. I am also going to put faith in a man that has a long, long reputation as a Quarterback whisperer to help coach one of the most physically talented (and very mentally sharp as well) to ever play in the NFL. They will succeed somehow, some way because they must.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.