Don't look now but the Chiefs defense has quietly been respectable over the past three weeks

Granted they have played lesser QBs as of late they are only giving up 20 points per game (good for 6th in the NFL), 225 pass yards per game (11th), and 89 rush yards per game (7th), all while the offense continues to work against them by giving the ball to the defense at a league leading rate (2.66 giveaways per game).

The reasons why are numerous but I credit:

- replacing the majority of Sorenson's snaps with Thornhill

- replacing Hitchens with Bolten due to injury

- Willie Gay returning to the field from a pesky turf toe that cost him the early part of the season

- Charvarious Ward returning to seeing 100% of the outside corner snaps

- replacing Hughes/Baker's snaps in the nickel with Rashad Fenton

- playing Chris Jones on the interior the majority of the time rather than lining him up at DE

- Frank Clark quietly returning from a hamstring injury that kept him out the first four weeks and posting solid pressure numbers the past few weeks per PFF

If they can keep this up and avoid significant injuries at key defensive positions this team may actually be able to be competitive down the stretch even facing an absolutely brutal schedule. This is the definition of "good enough" which is all fans have been asking for, and we still have five opportunities to face and beat AFC West opponents. After all the doom and gloom early on this season the Chiefs still hold their fate squarely in their own hands, and a respectable and improving defense goes a long way.

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