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Andy Reid explains Tyrann Mathieu injury situation, provides 2 other updates

Mathieu’s knee swelled up overnight.

Dallas Cowboys v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid provided a few injury updates following Sunday’s 19-9 win over the Dallas Cowboys. The injury discussion has to start with the status of safety Tyrann Mathieu, who wound up playing the entire game despite the team announcing he was suddenly questionable a few hours before the game.

“He had surgery on that knee at one time and his knee swelled up overnight, which is a little unusual,” noted Reid. “It’s done that in the offseason. It hadn’t done that during the season.”

The Chiefs head coach never specified which knee was ailing Mathieu, who suffered a torn right ACL in 2015 and a torn left ACL and MCL in 2013.

“My hat goes off to him letting us know when he got up and getting in here and getting treatment done and then wanting to play,” added Reid. “That’s the next thing. He was in here for hours getting treatment. The kid, he’s an amazing kid. The fact that he was out there doing what he did was likewise amazing.”

Mathieu’s teammate, defensive lineman Chris Jones, was confident Mathieu wouldn’t miss the game regardless of the issue.

“I found out during walkout,” explained Jones. “The defense was walking out, and they said, ‘You’re walking last.’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m not!’ You know, T5 (Mathieu), he’s the guy that goes last, and they was like, ‘Tyrann is questionable.’”

The Chiefs’ officials told Jones about the possible knee injury.

“The warrior T5 is, I knew he was going to have to play. He’s such a warrior. He wasn’t going to miss this game. That’s one thing I know about T5. He’s a competitor at the highest level. He loves to compete, especially these types of games in these situations, T5 wants to be on the field, and I knew it was a high probability that he was going to try to play. He was going to play. He wasn’t going to sit it out.”

Jones was right. Mathieu took the field and registered three tackles. The Chiefs will continue to monitor the knee, and there will likely be an update after the bye week.

Two other injuries of note

  • Running back Jerick McKinnon injured his hamstring, per Reid.
  • Cornerback Rashad Fenton injured his knee by landing on it, per Reid.

The head coach said that both McKinnon and Fenton will undergo MRIs on Monday.

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