Suggestions for a first time game at Arrowhead?

West coaster and life long Chiefs fan here planning on attending my first ever Chiefs home game against the Raiders in a few weeks. My GF has travel/lodging covered but we haven’t grabbed tickets to the game yet. Any suggestions on how to get a good deal on tickets and where to sit? Also looking for things to do while in town. (Flying in Saturday evening and leaving Tuesday around noon) We spent one night in KC during a cross country drive a few years back and ate at Arthur Bryant’s, also visited an empty Arrowhead at 7 in the morning before heading out. Both GF and I are quasi foodies and enjoy checking out local breweries/distilleries and the like when traveling. Another thing is that we don’t get to experience the seasons where I live (Los Angeles) so anything wintery and festive is a plus. As well as anything Chiefs related or uniquely Kansas City.

Thanks Kingdom! Can’t wait to finally experience it in person.

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