Chefs and Refs barely manage a win against DeVry Football Team

First and foremost someone needs to figure out why the Chiefs keep literally falling down. t least twice the Chiefs stumbled and fell letting either a big offensive play for NY another failure of the KC defense. Wrong cleats maybe?

This was barely a win. 3 points over the Giants - it doesn't bode well for KC with the schedule ahead. It looks like a 7 and 10 season unfolding given the way the rest of the schedule is playing and how the Chiefs haven't turned it around or appear even close to.

Looks like the word came down from NFL HQ.... the refs were clearly making calls in the Chief's favor - at least 4 of them weren't on the level and no doubt there is outrage in NY and anywhere that expects high ethics and integrity in how the refs call penalties.

Bottom line, we barely beat DeVry at home and only with great assistance from the refs. 4 and 4 has only set the Chief fanatics up with hope that will be destroyed during the rest of the season.

It feels like the pandemic all over again. I recall telling my wife in March 2020, April will be the worst month of our lives. I was 100% wrong - this has dragged on forever.

The Chief's problems are identical. November will be a bad month and December likely worse but the Chief's problems are going to drag on forever.

Nothing to feel good about here - if you're one of those a "win is a win" guys - get ready for some losses that will be humiliating and way more than just losses. Total losses of confidence losses. Brutal beatdown losses.

It's going to be bad.

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