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Tyreek Hill: Patrick Mahomes is ‘still the same guy’

The Kansas City wide receiver explained how his quarterback ended his slump on Sunday night.

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs are back!

For a few weeks now, we’ve been waiting to say those six words — and finally, here we are. In their 41-14 defeat of the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday Night Football, the Chiefs looked dominant on both sides of the football.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise to see the Kansas City defense allow just 14 points; they’ve been playing at that level over the past month. The offense, however, has been continuing to sputter — averaging a dismal 12 points per game over the previous three contests.

But after a game like we saw on Sunday night, those stinkers feel like a distant memory.

It all started on Kansas City’s second drive of the game, which went 89 yards on 11 plays — and ended with a Patrick Mahomes touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill in the corner of the end zone.

“Pat, as great as he is, I feel like he has learned how to take what’s given to him,” Hill told reporters after the game. “You know whether it’s checkdowns — you know, because teams are looking to take the deep shots away from us — he’s been doing a great job studying film, spending time with coach [Eric Bieniemy], Andy Reid, his quarterback coach, and just learning how to improve his game even more. I can’t ask to be in a better position — to be with a better quarterback. We’re all very fortunate.”

Hill’s second touchdown — which came in the second quarter — was actually a play that his quarterback had dialed up.

“He actually called that from the sideline,” said Hill of the play. “He was actually telling coach that [it was] there. Coach called it — and it was wide open. The guy is unbelievable.”

As the offense struggled in recent weeks, fans and media alike were questioning if Mahomes and his offense were simply... broken. But according to Hill, confidence was never an issue for his quarterback.

“The guy is still the same guy,” maintained Hill. “Cocky — which is good. Still believing in himself. He’s still the same guy.”

Part of the offense’s success on Sunday night came from changing its approach. Instead of always looking for the home run, the Chiefs racked up a lot of singles and doubles with the quick, short passing game. It was an adjustment that fans have been waiting to see — but it wasn’t easy to make.

“It’s hard — especially for me — because I’m used to going to 80 every play,” said Hill. “Coach Reid just got to keep [me] calm on the sideline — because I’m a head case, man. Like I said, I’m used to going down the field. Now, guys got me running 12-yard ins. That’s not something I’m used to. We’re all adjusting our games — and that’s why we’re in the NFL.“

Sunday night’s offensive success could be harder to sustain this coming weekend, as the Chiefs return home to play the 7-2 Dallas Cowboys. But after the way Kansas City played in Las Vegas, it’s safe to say the matchup won’t be short of hype.

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