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Andy Reid not surprised that Chiefs are linked to Odell Beckham Jr.

The Kansas City head coach was asked about the rumors surrounding the free agent wide receiver.

Kansas City Chiefs v Washington Football Team Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Reports currently indicate that the Kansas City Chiefs are among the teams being considered by free-agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. following his release from the Cleveland Browns.

So naturally, it was the first subject that reporters brought up during head coach Andy Reid’s regular Wednesday press conference — but as he almost always does when asked about potential personnel moves, he placed everything on the shoulders of Chiefs general manager Brett Veach.

“You guys know Brett,” chuckled Reid. ”Brett’s always going to keep his eyes and ears open. That’s how he does.”

And that, according to Reid, is part of why Kansas City is often listed as a potential destination for free agents.

“Right or wrong, you’re going to get tied in with certain guys,” said Reid, who was also an executive vice president of the Philadelphia Eagles during most of the years he was that team’s head coach. “But that’s healthy, too; that’s what you want. You don’t want a guy who’s not sitting around doing this stuff.“

But Reid said that there are plenty of other reasons that free-agent players like Beckham have been connected to his team in recent years.

“We’ve been doing OK,” he noted wryly. “It’s a great city, [with a] great venue to play here. I mean, if you’re a player in this league, I would think it’s a pretty good situation. You’ve got some young players — who are pretty good — on the team.”

Beyond that, Reid didn’t have anything to add.

“That’s Veach’s area,” said Reid of the wide receiver’s potential signing. “He looks at everybody. I mean, you guys know how he does. I’ve been in a bunker, trying to get my work done, so I haven’t really talked to him about that. So that’s where we’re at; I don’t have a whole lot to give you.”

And neither did quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who said that no one had consulted with him about bringing Beckham to the team.

“Obviously, he’s a really good football player who’s done a lot of really great things in this league,” observed Mahomes of Beckham, who is now in his eighth NFL season. “But I’ll leave that stuff up to Veach. He does a great job of bringing great players in. He’s always looking around, trying to see what he can do to make the team better. So I’ll let him handle that [so I can] focus on this opponent this week — and go out there and try to play with whoever’s on that field.”

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