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2 marinated takeaways from Chiefs-Eagles

Once they’d had time to reflect, Pete Sweeney and John Dixon shared some thoughts about Sunday’s win.

Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

On the latest episode of the Arrowhead Pride Editors Show podcast, we gave our marinated takeaways from Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

We shared two of them with you below:

Pete: I still find the normalizing of what Patrick Mahomes can do to be amazing.

I want to be clear here — as I make this point, I acknowledge that I, too, have become perhaps a little too accustomed to what Mahomes does on a weekly basis.

What we watched Sunday in the Chiefs’ game against the Philadelphia Eagles was wild. First of all, Mahomes threw for five touchdown passes (though that part’s hardly all that new; he’s done that three other times in his career).

I’m talking about three of the five touchdowns being thrown from three different arm angles — Mahomes had an underhand touchdown, a shovel-pass touchdown and the classic overhand touchdown all in the same game. And in a way, no one really made all that big of a deal out of it. It was business as usual.

Best of luck to his successor, 15 to 20 years down the line.

John: Maybe we were expecting too much from the Chiefs.

Before the season began, plenty of folks noticed that there would be four very good opponents during the first five games of the season. More than a few people said that the Chiefs would probably be in pretty good shape if they got through that stretch of games at 3-2; I think that at some point, I might have said something like that.

But we’ve also become accustomed to the idea that with Patrick Mahomes under center, the Chiefs have always started very fast; until this season, Mahomes had never lost a September game. So it was pretty easy to think that the team would open the season 4-1 — or even 5-0. I’m pretty sure that at some point, I might have said something like that, too.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t reflect the reality of the NFL; even for a player as good as Mahomes has turned out to be, it’s very difficult to extend such a record over a period of years. Sooner or later, the averages are going to catch up with you.

Still... while it won’t be easy, the Chiefs could pull out a win during Sunday night’s game against the Buffalo Bills. And it’s still true that given the quality of the teams Kansas City has faced during the first five weeks, a 3-2 record would leave them in a position where they could compete for the top conference seed; they would hold tiebreakers over both the Bills and the Cleveland Browns.

There’s still plenty of time left in the NFL season.

For the rest of our marinated takeaways, a discussion on Josh Gordon and our Bills-Chiefs ticket giveaway, be sure to listen to the podcast.

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