Patrick Mahomes already a Top50 QB all time

Patrick Mahomes is just on another level. I know as Chiefs fans we don’t need to be told that, but its worth repeating. With the win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, the main story was about Andy Reid’s historic 100th win with a second franchise. But we can’t forget that this was also Patrick Mahomes’ 50thcareer start, one that made him the second fastest to 40 wins since Ken Stabler (50 games) and Daryle Lamonica (45 games).

After his 50th career start, Pro Football Reference can finally add Patrick Mahomes to their "Hall of Fame Monitor". From their site "The Pro Football Reference Hall of Fame Monitor (HOFm) is a metric designed to estimate a player's chances of making the Pro Football Hall of Fame using their Approximate Value, Pro Bowls, All-Pros, championships, and various stat milestones. The players listed below are the top 250 HOFm-rated players who played QB starting in 1955 or later for at least 50 career games. A score of 100 is around the average modern-era inductee." Mahomes debut on the monitor has him as the 48thAll-Time Quarterback since 1955. That bears repeating. In only three seasons, Patrick Mahomes is already in the Top 50 of quarterbacks all time.

Let’s dive a little into the date. Currently, there are 21 quarterbacks in the Hall of Fame, which all rank higher than Mahomes. Pro Football Reference uses those 21 quarterbacks to build a stat line that of the "Average HOF QB". Here is where Mahomes stacks up.

The Average HOF QB has played roughly 12 seasons in the NFL with 7 Pro Bowls, 2 All-Pro awards, and 2 Super Bowl Championships. They complete their career with 38k yards, 260 touchdowns and 195 interceptions (1.3:1 TD to INT ratio)

In only 3 seasons, Mahomes has 3 Pro Bowl nominations, 1 All-Pro, and 1 Super Bowl Championship. In his short career, he has amassed 15,370 yds (40% in comparison), 128 touchdowns (49%) and 28 interceptions (14%) with a comparable 4.6:1 TD to INT ratio.

After being starved of a franchise quarterback for so long, Kansas City has been able to watch someone really take over the league in just a short time. We need to continue to appreciate him and never take what he is doing for granted.

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