Even the Guardian in the UK has caught on.

Looks like the Chiefs will be playing in London next year like every NFL snooze bowl of losers that play across the pond. A new low for the Chiefs is coming.

"When the NFL season began, the question was whether anybody in the AFC could topple the Kansas City Chiefs. Now the question is very different: are we entirely sure the Chiefs are even a good team? The Tennessee Titans humiliated the Chiefs 27-3 on Sunday, in a loss that could propel Kansas City into an identity crisis.

At the moment they look nothing like the team that went to two straight Super Bowls, winning one of them. Their record this season stands at 3-4, and they face the very real possibility of missing the playoffs.

It all starts with the defense, which has always been the Chiefs’ weak point – just not this weak. On Sunday, Kansas City gave up an astonishing 277 yards to the Titans in the first half alone, leading to the largest halftime deficit quarterback Patrick Mahomes has faced in his career: 24-0. That’s not a great showing for (apparently) the second-most expensive defense in the NFL."

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