The Chiefs definitely turned a corner today. Things are looking up !

I want to apologize to all the Chief's fans here that I've made feel bad or tried to inject some reality into with my prior posts. Several bright spots today.

That one time when Henry was stopped solidly near the goal line.

The field goal for 3 points.

Another 'not really an interception' by Patrick 'Blackledge' Mahomes. Randi is right we need to change the rules that have existed for decades. It's not like the QB has any influence on how the ball is thrown and what happens after it's released.

And as far we know Mahome's junior hasn't poured water on anyone or done one of his silly dances.

Video if you haven't seen this crap -

Last but not least the Mahome's clan is the most insufferable since Rae Caruth's inner circle.

Things are looking up! Chiefs have a strong chance at securing a # 1 draft pick for 2022 and perhaps we can pick up one of those up and coming QBs to replace the $500 million disaster we're suffering from now.

Or maybe draft a new coach that doesn't try to kick a 57 yard FG when the previous one barely made it through.

Anyone know how much Zach Wilson gets paid? Mahomes is tied with him for interceptions. (except by Randi's count).

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