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Madden Simulation: Chiefs try to get right against Washington

Let’s take our weekly visit to the EA Madden Universe to see how Sunday plays out!


If you want to watch the simulation without spoilers, click to start the above video — or if you can't see it, click here.

Here's what happened in our simulation:

The Kansas City Chiefs look to bounce back after their Sunday Night loss to the Buffalo Bills by traveling to our nation's capital to take on the Washington Football Team (WFT). Of course, we simmed the matchup in the EA Universe.

This week's sim really captured the flaws of what the Chiefs have been doing as far as the product on the actual field. Washington continually beat up the Chiefs' secondary, and Patrick Mahomes threw untimely interceptions throughout the game.

After an early score from WFT wide receiver Terry McLaurin, it seemed the defense changed its focus to shut him down. Unfortunately for Kansas City, that led to wide receiver Curtis Samuel scoring a couple of touchdowns in the fourth quarter, helping to extend the Football team lead to over three possessions. Another offensive player that may be a problem for the Chiefs is running back Antonio Gibson, who could do it all during the sim, putting up a performance of 15 rushes for 114 yards with a touchdown.

In total, Mahomes threw four interceptions in the fourth quarter, and two of the interceptions led to Football Team scores. During the sim, it looked like Mahomes was pressing more than usual, atypical from previous sims, in which he played conservatively.

A bright spot that you can take from this sim was the use of Darrel Williams and Jerrick McKinnon. In the first half, they combined for 104 yards — but neither had a touch in the second half.

Final score: Football Team 38, Chiefs 14

In Week 7, the Chiefs will hit the road again, heading to Nashville to take on the Tennessee Titans. Kickoff is set for Noon Arrowhead Time, and as always, we will bring you the matchup beforehand from the EA Universe.

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