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Week 6 AP NFL Power Rankings: A power shift in the AFC

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Week 5: the week in which we saw a big power shift in the AFC. The Chiefs no longer sit on the top table of the AFC after Buffalo destroyed them at Arrowhead Stadium — and the Chargers continue to impress. In the NFC, the Buccaneers, Cowboys and Cardinals all posted impressive wins, while the Lions found yet another way to lose a football game they should have won.

It really feels like we are starting to separate the contenders from pretenders.

This week’s voters were Pete Sweeney, Ron Kopp, Matt Stagner, Jared Sapp, Stephen Serda, Rocky Magana, Talon Graff, Ethan Willinger and myself.

1. Buffalo Bills (2nd)

The new big boys of the AFC — and in the eyes of our voters, the NFL.

2. Arizona Cardinals (1st)

A very different type of win for the Cardinals this week.

3. Dallas Cowboys (6th)

Offensive juggernaut paired with an opportunistic defense. Super Bowl contender.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4th)

Is Tom Brady getting... better?

5. Los Angeles Rams (3rd)

Unlucky to drop from 1st to 5th so quickly.

6. Los Angeles Chargers (8th)

Justin Herbert is rightly in the MVP conversation.

7. Green Bay Packers (5th)

This week, the most relieved man in the NFL is Mason Crosby.

8. Baltimore Ravens (10th)

Could quite easily be 1-4. Shows how small the margin of error is in the NFL.

9. Cleveland Browns (9th)

Lost an instant classic.

10. Kansas City Chiefs (7th)

Very, very lucky to be in the top 10. Says more about the standard of the rest of the league than it does about Kansas City.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (15th)

So close to a statement win.

12. Carolina Panthers (11th)

All of a sudden, they are looking very ordinary.

13. New Orleans Saints (17th)

Jameis Winston put on a clinic against a defense many considered to be one of the league’s best coming into the season.

14. Tennessee Titans (19th)

Derrick Henry is a monster.

15. San Francisco 49ers (14th)

I thought Kyle Shanahan was meant to be an offensive genius.

16. Seattle Seahawks (14th)

Russell Wilson’s finger injury was grim.

17. Minnesota Vikings (18th)

The latest team to hand the Lions a heartbreaking loss.

18. Denver Broncos (16th)

They’ve been found out.

19. Chicago Bears (26th) | This week’s high riser

Dominant win in Vegas.

20. Las Vegas Raiders (12th) | This week’s big faller

Who will be the next head coach?

21. New England Patriots (20th)

The New England Patriots beat the Houston Patriots.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers (22nd)

Has JuJu has played his last game for Steelers?

23. Philadelphia Eagles (25th)

Jalen Hurts threw for nearly 400 yards against the Chiefs last week, but only 200 this week against the Panthers. Make of that what you will.

24. Washington Football Team (21st)

One of the most disappointing teams of the season so far.

25. Indianapolis Colts (23rd)

Blowing big leads doesn’t feel good, does it, Colts fans? And no... I’m not still bitter about 2013. Honest.

26. Miami Dolphins (24th)

The Brian Flores hype has recently fallen off a cliff.

27. Atlanta Falcons (28th)

At least I can say I was at the Kyle Pitts breakout game.

28. New York Giants (27th)

Outmatched against a far superior opponent.

29. New York Jets (29th)

Left it far too late to get going against the Falcons.

30. Houston Texans (30th)

Still competitive and fighting for their coach.

31. Detroit Lions (31st)

Found yet another way to lose a game.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (32nd)

Just admit your mistake and sack Urban Meyer.

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