The Curse of the Chiefs - the end of the franchise?

I am beginning to think that the end of the Chief's franchise is looming. Here's why:

1. The complete breakdown of ethics and integrity. The Chiefs have been spoiled brats since the SB win in 2020. We were promised a dynasty but instead have had this stream of f'ups on and off the field. Starts with Britt, the antics of no tip during a pandemic from Hill that then goes on to blame his woman, the guns of Frank Clark (pretty damn stupid), lil shit brother dumping water on opposing fans, and the constant barrage of Mahomes endorsements for every product and service under the sun, DO YOUR JOB MAHOMES. You're not winning and your endorsements are going to dry up if you don't put wins on the board. Greed and selfishness dominate this team.

2. The asymmetry of pay. Everyone was excited and happy when PM became the billion $ man. But this was really premature. Where's the hunger that used to exist in Mahomes and this team? Not on the field but at the Ferrari dealership and this silly hoarding of kicks. Of course you'd be distracted with $100 million to shop with annually. Mahomes is living the high life and the lowly folks only making $10M a year know and feel the difference and it's affecting their play. Why should I take the big hit in a crossover route to make Pat look good? The end result - the domestiques are dropping catches, fumbling and are simply not as hungry as they were in 2019.

3. The Chiefs have been revealed. Simply, 2019 tactics and playbook will not win in 2021. And again the asymmetry of pay plays a role. Chiefs can not build a team with a rounded offense and defense when so much money is funneled into one pocket. There are a dozen teams right now that are guaranteed to play better and beat the Chiefs and it's because they have balanced talent across the team and that creates a "team" and not just one 'KING' with mainly pawns. It all feels like SB 55. The rest of the NFL has got our number and Reid et al aren't innovating and/or don't have the players to innovate with.

4. Forget about home field advantage even if the Chiefs manage to get to the playoffs. This team is imploding. Going into last nights game I thought the one advantage we had was the crowd and home field advantage. Not even close. This feels worse than 2008 and 2012 (2 & 14) because we are locked in this situation for some time. New coaches? New talent to support Mahomes? Or maybe a Mahomes that dies on the vine, wallows in age and not mentally and emotionally there now that the dream is a nightmare. Where's the dynasty big mouth Chiefs? Tyreek Hill promised 7 SB wins... not even close.

5. What's the solution? Mahomes will have to leave, be traded and the Chiefs will have to rebuild, new coaches, a balanced TEAM, and hungry players. This is a multi year process, none of the 'stars' that make us 2 and 3 now will be a part of that picture. Look at our remaining schedule... I see double digit losses by the end of the year as a real possibility. At best a 50/50 record.

Lastly there is a 'curse' that could end this franchise. Starts with Britt Reid Feb 4th, 2020 and possibly the insistence to remain the "Chiefs". It's possible that the costs of Mahomes, rebuilding, rebranding, and dispirited fans will result in a nonviable financial situation that will necessitate the sale of the franchise and in that process a new team and name, the Chiefs will be no more. This is the worst case scenario but it is a possibility. I don't see how this team can recover in 2021 and or ever be a contender again under the current status.

There will not be a Chief's dynasty ever. We'll be lucky if the team can remain solvent and stay in existence. But it won't be these guys. Not ever again. It's over.

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