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Wild Card Weekend AP NFL Power Rankings: 17 straight weeks at the top

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

Atlanta Falcons v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Well, another regular season is in the books. For years, this was the point at which we would say goodbye to the Kansas City Chiefs for 8 months — but not any longer. As most of the league played their starters on Sunday, the Chiefs managed to get their stars some much needed rest – just before the real season starts.

This week’s voters were Matt Stagner, Pete Sweeney, Ron Kopp and myself.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (1st)

I actually fell asleep during the game. This hasn’t happened since 2012. Don’t worry though, I’ve caught up since.

2. Green Bay Packers (2nd)

A repeat of Super Bowl I has never looked so realistic.

3. Buffalo Bills (3rd)

Congratulations on an excellent season — and also on superb dental hygiene, Stefon Diggs.

4. New Orleans Saints (4th)

I hope the Chiefs players don’t put themselves at risk like Alvin Kamara did.

5. Baltimore Ravens (7th)

It’s time for Lamar Jackson to get some revenge.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5th)

Coming in hot. All eyes on the injury reports this week.

7. Tennessee Titans (9th)

Derrick Henry may just steal the NFL’s Offensive Player of the Year award from Travis Kelce.

8. Seattle Seahawks (8th)

I didn’t realize that they were still in the hunt for the first seed until Sunday morning. A 12-4 record playing in that division — and with that defense — is some achievement.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (6th)

They will fancy their chances this weekend after running Cleveland so close on Sunday.

10. Cleveland Browns (12th)

Congratulations to Cleveland for extending their season by a week for the first time since 2002.

11. Indianapolis Colts (10th)

Snuck in on the final day. I will be cheering them on this weekend.

12. Los Angeles Rams (13th)

If they’re to have success, it will be down to their defense.

13. Washington Football Team (16th)

Yes! Alex!

14. Chicago Bears (14th)

As Ron Kopp pointed out in an email to me, Mitchell Trubisky has somehow made the playoffs twice. Maybe wins aren’t a quarterback stat after all.

15. Miami Dolphins (11th) | This week’s big faller

They didn’t look like a team playing in a win-and-in game.

16. Arizona Cardinals (15th)

There will be an inquest into how they fell apart in the second half of the season, no doubt.

17. San Francisco 49ers (17th)

Don’t be surprised if this team opens the 2021 rankings in the top 5.

18. New York Giants (19th)

If you finish 6-10, you simply cannot complain about missing out on the playoffs.

19. Los Angeles Chargers (24th) | This week’s high riser

Justin Herbert is going to be a problem.

20. Minnesota Vikings (20th)

Career years from a wide receiver, quarterback and running back amounted to... nothing.

21. Las Vegas Raiders (18th)

How many years of Jon Gruden are left?

22. New England Patriots (21st)

The Cam Newton Era was extremely underwhelming.

23. Atlanta Falcons (23rd)

So... who are they going to hire?

24. Dallas Cowboys (22nd)

I’m kind of gutted that they didn’t beat the Giants, because it would have been hilarious to see how they would have reacted to Jalen Hurts being benched.

25. Houston Texans (27th)

If it weren’t for Deshaun Watson, this would be the least appealing head coaching vacancy.

26. Carolina Panthers (25th)

If you work for the Chiefs, then there is every possibility you will be approached by the Panthers this week.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (29th)

I am so pleased they are keeping Zac Taylor around — as is Joe Burrow:

28. Denver Broncos (28th)

It took them long enough, but they finally relieved John Elway of his duties.

29. Philadelphia Eagles (26th)

Like it or not, Giants fans: Doug Pederson made the decision that was best for his team.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (32nd)

A year to forget — but a bright future is ahead.

31. New York Jets (31st)

Tales will not be told about the Adam Gase Era. Well... maybe scary ones.

32. Detroit Lions (30th)

Will they be able to keep hold of Matt Stafford?

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