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Andy Reid provides rather positive update on cornerback Deandre Baker

The second-year cornerback broke his left femur in the Chiefs’ Week 17 game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

As the Kansas City Chiefs rested their starters during Sunday’s final regular-season game against the Los Angeles Chargers, we thought we would get a good look at the team’s newest cornerback: Deandre Baker, a second-year player (and 2019 first-round draft pick) that the Chiefs signed to their practice squad on November 19 after he was released by the New York Giants during his second year.

But Baker suffered what looked like a gruesome injury to his left leg during the third quarter. After the game, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said that Baker had broken his femur — his thigh bone — but added that he expected him to come back from the injury.

During Monday’s lunch hour, Reid reported that surgery had already been performed on Baker’s leg — and things had gone very well.

“They did the surgery,” Reid told reporters, “and it looks like it was successful.”

Reid said that Baker was already back in the building.

“A minute before I got on this call, I found out that he’s actually in the building right now,” he revealed. “It’s amazing. When you saw it on the field — I was standing right there — these doctors and the things that they can do are incredible.”

While Reid was careful to remind his listeners that he is not a medical doctor, he said that Baker’s prognosis is good.

“If you had to have a break, I guess this was the break to have — because it fit back together well. I think full recovery — unless there are any setbacks — is going to be a beautiful thing down the road. He’ll still be able to play and do the things he did before.”

Still... it will be a long recovery. Baker will certainly be unable to play for the remainder of this season. But it’s distinctly possible he could be back for 2021.