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Patrick Mahomes says new home basketball court will be ‘for the kids’

Speaking with Dan Patrick on Thursday, the Chiefs quarterback said the home he’s building will have some special features.

NFL: JAN 29 Super Bowl LIV - Chiefs Press Conference Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Thursday, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes spoke with NBC Sports’ Dan Patrick. Their 13-minute conversation covered a lot of things that we’ve been hearing Mahomes talk about — but he broke some new ground, too.

Mahomes joked that with his new contract, he was going to be around Kansas City “for a few years,” so he’s putting down some roots. He’s bought a “plot of land” in the area, where he is going to build a house. It will have some... uhhh... extra amenities.

“I’m going to have a half-football field so I can get some work in with some guys out there. I’ll have a basketball court — but don’t tell Brett Veach.” Mahomes chuckled, speaking of the Kansas City general manager’s concern he could be injured. But he covered himself quickly. “That’s not for me, that’s for the kids. It’ll have a little golf stuff out there as well.”

Mahomes didn’t volunteer how he would be able to have a complete workout on a field that’s just 50 yards long; it seems like he’d have to save his longer passes for the Chiefs’ practice facility. But he was willing to talk in specific terms about the apparent concussion he suffered in the Divisional round game against the Cleveland Browns.

“I was in the protocol,” he said. “I don’t know that it was necessarily actually a concussion — but I mean, they never know exactly with those injuries. I know I’ve had no symptoms — no lingering effects — since, and I feel completely normal. I feel like I played completely normal this last weekend.”

Asked about Chiefs Eric Bieniemy, Mahomes said he was “amazed” that the team’s offensive coordinator hadn’t been hired as a head coach, saying that he has the “special talent” required to lead an NFL locker room — and has more to do with the team’s offensive performance than most realize.

“Coach Reid calls plays, but there’s a ton of input from coach Bieniemy,” insisted Mahomes. “He calls a ton of plays in our game plan. It just gets overlooked. I mean, who knows what it is? But it’s a loss for everybody else in the NFL — and a gain for us. I hope he gets his chance. He’ll succeed wherever he is.”

Mahomes said that he is also involved in the process of developing game plans with Reid, Bieniemy and quarterbacks coach Mike Kafka.

“Coach Bieniemy and coach Kafka both come to me on every single play right after we run it throughout practice,” explained Mahomes. “They ask me what I’m liking, what I’m feeling and how I feel this can attack certain places [against] defenses.”

He also said that he’s enough involved in the process that when he was slated to sit out the Week 17 game against the Los Angeles Chargers, he made up his own 15-play offensive script — just to see if he could predict what the coaches would decide.

“I was actually pretty close,” he recalled. “I have a good feeling for what coach Reid is thinking.”

It was an illuminating, fun discussion with one of the best sports interviewers in the business. Watch it above or click here to see the entire interview.