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Sammy Watkins’ tweet-reply is not a Divisional round storyline

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday night — as the Cleveland Browns were upsetting the Pittsburgh Steelers 48-37 in the NFL’s Wild Card round — Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins took to Twitter to express his feelings.

Hunter — a Twitter user (and apparent Chiefs fan) — tweeted back at Watkins, implying that with the Browns advancing to play them in the Divisional round, Kansas City might face stiffer competition than first thought. Playfully, Watkins replied that he would not go that far.

Why has this story emerged in Cleveland? Because leading into the Wild Card matchup against the Browns, Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster made a silly comment that will now live in AFC North infamy forever:

“I think they’re still the same Browns teams I play every year,” Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster said, via “I think they’re nameless gray faces. They have a couple good players on their team, but at the end of the day, I don’t know. The Browns is the Browns.”

Running after what I would conservatively call a reach of an encore, Cleveland reporters have been asking the Browns about Watkins’ tweet-reply all this week.

“I have no problem with it to be honest with you because if you don’t have confidence, then you’re not going to have success,” quarterback Baker Mayfield said, via the Akron Beacon Journal. ”And those guys [with the Chiefs] have been doing it together for a few years now.”

Was that the end of it? Nope.

Asked about the tweet-reply, wide receiver Jarvis Landry said he would not get into Twitter wars.

Was that the end of it? Nope.

Finally, a Browns player — and familiar face — took the bait on Thursday.

“We’ll just see on Sunday,’’ running back Kareem Hunt said, via “We’ll let the play do the talking and there isn’t much to be said. If he believes that, we’ll see what he thinks after the game.”

Watkins hasn’t practiced all week and thus won’t speak to the media ahead of the game. At this writing, there is a good chance he won’t even play due to a calf injury.

I hesitated to even write this post — but I felt obligated to do so, as this is now something fans on both sides of the equation are talking about. Unlike in the case of Smith-Schuster’s comment, the players don't seem to be, at all.

It is not a Divisional round storyline.