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Divisional Round AP NFL Power Rankings: The Saints move into the top three

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Well the NFL did it, they added a 13th and 14th playoff team into the mix — and all eyes were on the two No. 2 vs. No. 7 seed matchups. Would the addition of extra teams dilute the quality on the show? Mixed results.

The gap in quality was far too vast for the Bears to overcome. However, the Colts put in a performance that should have had them beating the much-fancied Bills.

Elsewhere, the Seahawks and Football Team offered little resistance to the Rams and Bucs, whilst the Browns and Ravens booked their place in the Divisional round, leaving Pittsburgh to hang out with Cincinnati.

This week’s voters were Matt Stagner, Pete Sweeney, Ron Kopp and myself:

1. Kansas City Chiefs (1st)

Super Wild Card Weekend played out exactly how they would have wanted — not that I believe this team fears anyone.

2. Green Bay Packers (2nd)

I personally was hoping for Rodgers vs. Brady, but I guess we will have to settle for Rodgers vs. Goff.

3. New Orleans Saints (4th)

They might have missed out on the first-round bye, but they will still feel like they had a rest. The Saints proved that they are one of the premier teams in the NFC and are miles more talented than many others. The trio of Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas and Drew Brees will be one to watch.

4. Buffalo Bills (3rd)

The Bills got away with one. If they play to a similar level this weekend, then that will be curtains for Josh Allen and company. That being said, their lack of performance led to a very entertaining game.

5. Baltimore Ravens (5th)

Who knew that Tennessee and Baltimore would be the next great NFL rivalry? But seriously, Lamar, act like you’ve been there before... oh wait.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6th)

Tom Brady is a cyborg. For him to be playing as well as he is at the age of 43 is nothing short of remarkable. You have to hand it to him — he’s transformed the Bucs from the butt of everybody’s favorite joke into genuine title contenders.

7. Cleveland Browns (10th)

The Browns is the Browns. If Cleveland somehow manages to win the Super Bowl, this term will never go away.

8. Los Angeles Rams (12th)

After the first quarter, it looked like Aaron Donald could be on to break Derrick Thomas’ sack record, which, ironically enough, happened against the Seahawks, too. Sean McVay will need to bring his A-plus game this weekend against the Packers.

9. Seattle Seahawks (8th)

Remember the time when the Seahawks “let Russ cook?” Well, those days are well and truly gone, and they don’t look like they’re coming back anytime soon.

10. Tennessee Titans (7th)

There were some really bad coaching decisions this weekend, yet Mike Vrabel might have the single worst of them all. Punting in the situation he did was unforgivable.

11. Indianapolis Colts (11th)

Simply put, they should be preparing to play in Kansas City this weekend. They put themselves in a position to win the game and failed.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers (9th)

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Having gone 11-0 the Pittsburgh Steelers collapsed in spectacular fashion. Surely it’s time for Big Ben to hang them up. I hope Chase Claypool is right, by the way.

13. Washington Football Team (13th)

You couldn’t script the story of Washington starting quarterbacks for the 2020 season.

14. Chicago Bears (14th)

Did anyone actually tell Matt Nagy that the playoffs are a win or go home situation? He called that game like he or Andy (will we ever know who?) did during the second half of the Chiefs-Titans game back in January 2018. Something needs to change in Chicago sharpish, otherwise, it will be more of the same next year.

15. Miami Dolphins

16. Arizona Cardinals

17. San Francisco 49ers

18. New York Giants

19. Los Angeles Chargers

20. Minnesota Vikings

21. Las Vegas Raiders

22. New England Patriots

23. Atlanta Falcons

24. Dallas Cowboys

25. Houston Texans

26. Carolina Panthers

27. Cincinnati Bengals

28. Denver Broncos

29. Philadelphia Eagles

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

31. New York Jets

32. Detroit Lions

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